April 30, 2017

Voice acting. Vive L'Empereur!

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another developer blog for Holdfast: Nations At War. Inside a recording studio in London, we’ve brought together a team of native English and French speaking voice actors to record a great selection of orders, cheers, taunts and roleplaying shouts.


Recording voices in the native languages spoken by both factions that will be in-game on the release of Early Access this year, was at the very top of our priority list. This along with a variety of other features in the game will bring a certain degree of authenticity and immersion that will surely be appreciated by our community.


Before we went into the recording studio, we spent weeks preparing a script for the voices to be recorded. We wanted to make sure that we also record voices that will compliment features we have planned further down our development roadmap.




Be it when ordering your men to charge into battle or to reinforce your position, your issued order will be voice acted. As we have previously described in our class system developer blog, some of these orders will directly impact gameplay but others are there for roleplaying purposes and to direct the field of battle.


Holdfast: NaW - GB - Charge lads, charge!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Charge!

Holdfast: NaW - GB - Make ready.

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Make ready.

Holdfast: NaW - GB - Take aim.

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Take aim.

Holdfast: NaW - GB - Fire!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Fire!

Holdfast: NaW - GB - Retreat!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Beat the retreat!

Holdfast: NaW - GB - Full starboard!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Full starboard!

Holdfast: NaW - GB - Wet the sails!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Wet the sails!

Holdfast: NaW - GB - Make ready the guns!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Prepare the cannons!



Roleplaying Shouts

What’s better than complimenting your fellow comrade or better yet an enemy of their exceptionally fine shot after they missed a target so close that they could practically touch it with their own hands?


The same shouts amongst a variety of others can also be used in a more serious roleplaying context. We’ll leave it up to the players to decide what they want to do with it.


Holdfast: NaW - GB - Exceptional shot, Sir!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Good shot, Sir!

Holdfast: NaW - GB - I challenge you to a duel, Sir!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - I challenge you to a duel, Sir!

Holdfast: NaW - GB - That’s mutiny, Sir!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - That’s mutiny, Sir!

Holdfast: NaW - GB - Surgeon!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Doctor!

Holdfast: NaW - GB - No shouts, no calls!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Silence on the ship.

Holdfast: NaW - GB - I surrender.

Holdfast: NaW - FR - I surrender.

Holdfast: NaW - GB - Aye aye, Sir!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Yes, Sir!




But you know what’s even more brilliant? Taunts!


Shout at your enemy from above your ship’s deck or the safety behind your fort’s walls. Do choose your enemies carefully, however. It wouldn’t be the first time one of us had to hang his head in shame during a play session after a misstep.


Holdfast: NaW - GB - Bloody frogs!

Holdfast: NaW - GB - You’re not worth the powder!

Holdfast: NaW - GB - Run back to Boney!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - You’re not worth our shots!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Ahhahaha!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Come and get us!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Look at those fifes! Eyyy.

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Wellington is an old crate!




Praise the name of your King or Emperor as you march your way into battle! It certainly won’t keep the enemy's musket fire from reaching your line, but it will make bayonet charges ever more glorious.


Holdfast: NaW - GB - For King George & Great Britain!

Holdfast: NaW - GB - God save the King!

Holdfast: NaW - GB - Huzzah!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Vive L'Empereur!

Holdfast: NaW - FR - Vive la France!



Faction Victory

Coupled with a short tune at the end of the round, we thought that it would do well to recorded a couple of voices that we can use to announce a faction’s victory.


Holdfast: NaW - GB - The British are victorious.

Holdfast: NaW - FR - The French are victorious.




Multiple takes for each acted line were taken by two voice actors for each faction. We also make good use of the audio engine in the game to create even more variations from the audio files produced during the recording session.



Community Discord

We're now on Discord. We're plenty busy working on the game but we'll be sure to find the time to say hi.


We would highly appreciate it if you were to spread the word around about the community Discord channel to your friends. We do hope to see you there soon!






The voices that we’ve revealed above do not make up for the entire list of voice acted lines available in the game. The selection is far greater, but for the purposes of making this blog concise, we haven’t put them here. It was jolly good fun recording these voices and we are looking forward to doing more in the future.


Do join in the discussion for the following blog here and tell us what you think. We hope you’ve enjoyed listening and until next time, may good health be yours.


Our thanks go to Joey Bracken, Rejenorst, Dodo and to all of the voice actors for their hard work.





Once again thank you for all of your support from all of us on the Holdfast: NaW team,

- Peter, Andrew, Julian, Andreas, Nico, Cameron & Tassilo

Anvil Game Studios

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