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Off-Topic / Re: Why do British people sound so important?
« Last post by Midnight on Today at 09:09:15 am »
British people are just superior.
I created the art used on this thread by request of the 77th. I want to make it clear that I don't support the usage of that art on your thread as you are then effectively stealing it.
Just so anyone who is interested in this regiment is aware, they don't have the talent to create something better themselves.

Your artwork has been replaced. (By me, someone who is in the regiment.) Have a good day.
I'm doing my part!

someone please help me Korvyr has captured me and is making me smell cheese and i'm trapped

Ah! Nothing to see here, just a dedicated French soldier!
I'm doing my part!

someone please help me Korvyr has captured me and is making me smell cheese and i'm trapped
Did you know that Monday is a good day to bump?
Game Servers / Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Last post by Auha on Today at 04:22:01 am »
Community Name: Grand Commander Auha
Steam Name: Auha
Steam URL:
Age: 19
Location/Timezone: US EST
About Yourself: Part time worker and college student, usually available late at night my time. I spend my free time having fun on the public server, and meeting new people.
Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I love the HoldFast community, the devs, the regiments, the whole Shebang. I tell my BlackFish to enforce rules as well in game to make sure everyone has a good time. I try to be fair and just in decision making. I have been acquainted with many of the server Admins, and do my best to make sure the game is run fairly and fun. 
Previous Experience (if any): Only admin experience I have is for my own discord of 247 people.
Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: Just the specifications and details of the rules.
References (if any):
Régiments et Équipages / Re: Régiment du 6éme Voltigeur
« Last post by Jean-Baptiste on Today at 02:15:56 am »
Bonne chance!
Hey I need to talk to you, pretty important @Marshal LongTree
Team Name:Chen's Glorious Legion of Mutineers (a.k.a. Mutiny Gang)

Team Size: 12

Team Captain:
Brevet Captain Space Ghost (Team Captain):

Team Roster:
Team URL:

Colonel Viking (Member/Alternate Captain):
Lt. Colonel JBoB (Member/Alternate Captain):
Major SolaRJ (Member):
Sjt. NormalBoy (Member):
L.Cpl. Tusken (Member):
Rgl. Tubahide (Member):
Rgl. Floppiwaffle (Member):
Rgl. Dmbender (Member):
Foot. Tyler (Member):
Foot. JimmyGibbs (Member):
Pvt. OrlandoBroom (Member):

Team tag: MTNY

Team Theme Song:

Team Motto: "Laws and principles are not for the times when there is no temptation: they are for such moments as this, when body and soul rise in mutiny against their rigour; stringent are they; inviolate they shall be."
Author: Charlotte Brontë

Match time preference:   Weekends before 7pm EST and After 9:30pm EST weekdays case by case

Welcome to the league!

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