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Tournaments & Events / Re: NA HFNWL
« Last post by Grax on Today at 05:55:41 am »
Community Name: Grax
Steam profile URL:
Applying for (Mod/Ref): Referee
Are you in a regiment?: Yes, LG.SP
Prior Mod/Ref experience: I've been called upon a few times before to help referee 1v1 matches, and I have experience administrating for a weekly event the LG.SP hosts as well. I'm quite familiar with rulesets and watching out to fairly ensure that they are followed. Direct experience aside, I have over 5 years experience attending competitive regiments whether it be in Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars or even now in Holdfast: Nations at War, where I've taken a more direct role in holding up the competitive scene by running a competitive regiment myself.
Why should we choose you?: I want to make sure that the competitive scene in this game succeeds through the most surefire way possible: helping the very running of it. I have a great amount of free time, nearly able to make any time in the afternoon or evening any day of the week, and I have a great amount of experience to ensure a fair, competitive time for regiments involved.
Additional Comments: If it is needed, I'm also more than willing to take a moderator position, but I'm most confident in my abilities as a referee and it seemed as though there were plenty of mods already.
Tournaments & Events / Re: NA HFNWL
« Last post by Nastur on Today at 05:24:07 am »
Community Name: Nastur
Steam profile URL:
Applying for (Mod/Ref): Mod
Are you in a regiment?: Yes
Prior Mod/Ref experience: None similar
Why should we choose you?: I am able to assist greatly in the organizational demands of a tournament
Additional Comments: None
Tournaments & Events / Re: NA HFNWL
« Last post by Merchaun on Today at 05:09:15 am »
Moderator applications are now open. Application cut off for moderator positions will be 1/31/19 at midnight EST. The announcements and news section on the second reply to the thread will be kept up to date with relevant information.
Regiment Name: 47e Rég't d'Infanterie de Ligne
Regiment Leader's/Representatives Steam:
Class applying for: Line Infantry
Numbers attending: 15-20
Would you like to sign up weekly?: No
Do you agree to follow all the rules stated?: Yes
Crews & Regiments (Clans) / Re: Asian Expeditionary Corps (International)
« Last post by kexom on Today at 01:47:24 am »
This regiment has fell after Kiri, Leader of AEC, led a coup against his Co-Leader, Kexom, to make a new clan.
Deutsches Forum / Re: Über einen Club
« Last post by Lord Horatio Nelson on Today at 12:07:14 am »
Nun ist es wohl an meiner, ein oder zwei Sätze darüber zu verlieren. Ich möchte mich darüber beschweren, in solch eine Position gebracht zu werden, wo ich doch einer derer war, die weitestgehend neutral waren und versuchten Ruhe zu demonstrieren. Ich kann zwar verstehen das einige Positionen und Umgangsformen auf beiden Seiten nicht die feine englische Art sind und so kann ich nur bitten Brücken zu bauen, statt sie einzureißen.
Deutsches Forum / Re: Über einen Club
« Last post by Musketier Weiss on January 15, 2019, 11:50:31 pm »
Herr General-Feldmarschall,

alles was Sie mir sagen wollen, können sie auch unter diesen Thread schreiben.
Ich bin der Meinung, dass die GANZE Community ein Recht hat, hier zu erfahren, was Sie sagen wollen.

Wenn Sie keinen Fehler gemacht haben, sollte es kein Problem darstellen hier zu erläutern, wo ich einen Fehler gemacht haben soll.
Sollte dies ein Problem für Sie darstellen, sehe ich mich in meiner Aussage bestätigt.

Ich spreche die Wahrheit, die ganze Wahrheit, nichts als die Wahrheit! So wahr mir Gott helfe.
Crews & Regiments (Clans) / Re: The Royal Rangers [ Recruiting all regions! ]
« Last post by TRRHonor on January 15, 2019, 11:39:35 pm »
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