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HMS St. George
« on: August 09, 2017, 01:24:30 am »
HMS St. George

Steam group: HMS St. George
Leaders: Dual, Qifi
Location: CZ/SK
Faction: UK
Class: Ship Crew and Marines

➤St. George was a 98-gun second rate ship of the line of the Royal
Navy, launched on 14 October 1785 at Portsmouth. In 1793 she captured
one of the richest prizes ever.

➤St. George was present at the Naval Battle of Hyères Islands in 1795, and
took part in the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801, Flying Nelson's Flag, her
captain was Thomas Masterman Hardy, future captain of HMS Victory under
Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar. In 1847 the Admiralty authorized the
issuance of the Naval General Service Medal with clasp "Copenhagen 1801"
to all remaining survivors of the battle.

➤St George was wrecked near Ringkøbing on the west coast of Jutland
on 24 December 1811. She narrowly escaped wrecking on a shoal
(Rødsand) south of Zeeland on 15 December, while returning from the Baltic
Sea. Under jury masts and a temporary rudder she had got a considerable
distance out of the Sleeve when a gale came up. This, combined with a
heavy sea, resulted in St George being wrecked at Nazen, about three miles
from Ringkøbing, together with Defence.

➤Only seven of her 738 crew were saved. Among the dead were Rear-
Admiral Robert Carthew Reynolds and Captain Daniel Oliver Guion. Most of
the bodies that came ashore were buried in the sand dunes of Thorsminde,
which have been known ever since as "Dead Men's Dunes".

Vice Admiral, Sir Thomas Hardy

Officer Ranks:
Commodore - Cmdr
Post Captain - PCpt
First Lieutenant - 1stLt
Second Lieutenant - 2ndLt

Non-Commissioned Officers:
Warrant Officer - Wo
Standing Officer - So
Petty Officer - Po

Master Seaman - Ms
Leading Seaman - Ls
Able Seamen - As
Ordinary Seaman - Os
Landsman - Lm

Officer Ranks:
Captain - Cpt
Lieutenant - Lt

Non-Commissioned Officers:
Sergeant - Sgt
Corporal - Cpl

Lance Corporal - LCpl
Marine - Mrn
Cadet - Cad
Recruit- Rec

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Re: HMS St. George
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GL & HF!