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Régiment Royal-Suédois

From the ashes of Svenska Flottan rises a new regiment - Régiment Royal-Suédois (English: The Royal Swedes)! We will be fighting both on land and sea, whereas Svenska Flottan was a naval-only regiment.  All officers and most members are Swedish, but we accept members of any nationality (except Danes), as long as you're willing to learn some basic command phrases in Swedish.
We're a disciplined regiment and we expect all of our members to follow orders, be on time and not be off-topic during a battle. We're currently using a Discord server as means of communication.

For sign-ups:

Brief history of the Régiment Royal-Suédois

The Régiment Royal-Suédois (English: The Royal Swedes) was an foreign infantry regiment in the French Army during the Ancien Régime. It was created in 1690 from Swedish prisoners taken during the Battle of Fleurus. The regiment eventually acquired the privilege of being called a Royal regiment. The regiment nominally accepted only Swedish officers. However most of the privates and NCOs were of German origin, from Swedish Pomerania, in view of the difficulty of obtaining sufficient numbers of Swedish recruits,[1] and at least one Irishman, Daniel Charles, Count O'Connell, was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the regiment.Initially named the Lenck Regiment, the unit was renamed the Appelgrehn Regiment in 1734 and the Royal-Suedois in 1742. From about 1750 onwards the regiment was distinguished by wearing dark blue coats with buff (yellow-brown) collars and cuffs. This colour combination matched the uniform of most infantry regiments in the Swedish Army from the 17th to the early 20th centuries.

Count Axel von Fersen purchased the position of colonel-proprietor of the regiment in 1783, according to some in order to be able to stay close to the Queen of France Marie Antoinette. He remained in active command of the regiment until the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789, and officially this was still the case when, in 1791, all non-Swiss foreign regiments of the royal army were disbanded. The regiment was then reorganised as the new 89th Regiment of the Line.

In December 1813, the regiment was once again raised by a French émigré in Germany, and it fought in the Swedish Army during the Battle of Leipzig in 1813 and during the campaign in Norway in 1814. The Royal Suédois was finally disbanded in December 1814 while in Norway.

Today, the regiment's traditions and flag are carried on in the French Army via a company in the 4th Infantry Regiment.

Crews & Regiments (Clans) / Re: Svea Livgarde - We're back!
« Last post by Wolfster on Today at 12:54:41 pm »
Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Regimental Numbers
« Last post by Sourkraut on Today at 12:16:58 pm »
I'd rather have more regiments properly modeled as well the existing ones being expanded such as the Vistula and 92nd having officers and flag bearers, and musicians at the very least like in NW, we already have musicians from the 67e and 56th West Essex, so why not include those?

To differentiate the 67e, model men of other companies than the first. 1st Company Green, 2nd sky blue; 3rd golden yellow and 4th in violet. Although I'd choose the 2nd company like in the print. And if that's not enough give them shako covers, or greatcoats.
Melee fix coming Summer 2019!
Yo Zen should I reform my holdfast reg

I would recommend to purchase the game and try it for yourself, if you don't already have it. You can invite and see how the linebattles are. It's best to make an informed decision for your regiment.

I actually left the 15eNw and retired.  Been thinking about coming back to holdfast cause I did enjoy it when it first came out
Crews & Regiments (Clans) / Re: Svea Livgarde - We're back!
« Last post by Almqvist on Today at 08:08:29 am »
Welcome back!
Much appreciated Midnight!
Forum Games / Re: Change One Word
« Last post by Garrel on Today at 08:08:11 am »
Immediate supplies.
Forum Games / Re: The Counting Game
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