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Friendly bump
Updated the thread so it is (prussia fitting) navy blue
Community / Re: Welcome! Introduce Yourself
« Last post by Tapsuli on Today at 04:41:40 pm »
Hello everyone i am Tapsuli but used to go by the name of MrTapani and finally i got off my laze arse to make a forum account

Im some random old bastard back from mount and musket and even played NW for quite a while after it.
Crews & Regiments (Clans) / Re: 🔰 KRA | King's Royal Army 🔰
« Last post by Graytero on Today at 03:58:07 pm »
Hey it’s the meme guys story here. Anyway it goes like this,

It’s the 13th of May and a man by the name of Graytero buys a game by the name of holdfast which he saw on YouTube and on other sources, when he firsts starts playing he’s a guy who plays rifle and liked Dutch canals (yes I’m serious). Anyway while he was playing this game he met a reoccurring player every now and then and his name was... (and prepare for big cliche number 1) Haybales! This lad would lead all the little randoms (like myself) around and still does, anyway being lead around was a dream come true to me really, main reason I did buy the game was for the large scale battles and line battles, I never knew of public line battles so I  thought this is the best I would get, (also during this time I would use voip ALOT,and I mean alot) so after 2 days of just being a random I see a message at the bottom right of my screen, it read “JOIN THE KRRC YOU MOTHERFU..” okay it didn’t read that at all but I was intrigued and I wanted to join, so I added a man by the name of Bayzle, I joined and that’s how It all began, but later to my shock this Haybales guy who was commanding all these randoms in battlefield was BAYZLE, was a bit surprised and felt a bit stupid but yeah, that happened,anyway everything went swimmingly but then after some inspiration from hoi4 meme vids I decided to do my own, my memes began to take form and eventually the first meme video was released, and it was a massive success, a classic really, and i have kept doing them since, now as a lance corporal as of writing I have indeed come along way, I joined the regiment for the memes I have to admit, but this great and helpful community in this regiment is my main reason for staying, sure the memes are great and all but my main reason for staying is definitely the community, I have made some so called “friendly enemies” who don’t hate me or dislike me but in a banter way and you all know who you are. Voice reveal soon, (maybe)I want  to do it in some sort of meme fashion and don’t want to do it just like an ordinary person would. This regiment is full of joy and laughter so yeah, meme man is out.  ;)
Good event yesterday despite the rule breaking. Looking forward to the next event!
Hello! I am lookin for a Prussian Regiment as said, EU located.
Native English speaker.
Have a headset but no working mic.
Also have Discord, will get TeamSpeak if need be.
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