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Split the 'Crew & Regiment' forum by Nation

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Author Topic: Split the 'Crew & Regiment' forum by Nation  (Read 67 times)

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Split the 'Crew & Regiment' forum by Nation
« on: July 01, 2017, 12:44:20 am »
People aren't a big fan of change, they really aren't. As I suggest however, change is good, it's frightening for some but it's good. Many of these forum posters are from FSE where all the regiments are placed together disregarding nations. What I want to suggest today is the splitting of Nations for a sub-forum for each. What does this do?

It declutters the regiment & crew recruiting board.
It allows new players to see choose their nation. Do they wish to play as French or British?
It builds unit-cohesion as players get to know each other better.
It's different to the normal.

It's so much better to see all of us British Regiments together and same with the French.
I believe overall it gives a better vibe.

It doesn't have to be permanent, maybe lets change it for a month and see how it goes?

- Jackson

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Re: Split the 'Crew & Regiment' forum by Nation
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2017, 02:05:56 am »
Hear, hear.

This topic is a bit old, but I totally support the motion. In NW, you knew 1 or 2 friendly regiments that you'd practise with and that was it. But if regiments have to pick sides, then everyone automatically feels drawn to other regiments of the same nation.

In Naval Action, people were always friendly with fleets from the same nation or allied nation and rival with fleets of ennemy nations, the only exception being rogue fleets (like PAIN in the Dutch Republic) and neutral/trading fleets.

You split your community in 2, but these 2 groups are a lot closer internally. NW is like the HRE, a bunch of independent, fractured states allied with a few neighbours. Now divide these small states between Prussia and Austria. You have split the HRE in two, but these 2 parts are more unified than the HRE ever was, because they work for a same common goal: their country.

Hope my stupid hypothetical scenario helped illustrate my point, and hopefully AGS will divide the regiments between UK and France.