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Author Topic: Game Modes - Share with us your ideas!  (Read 2421 times)

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Re: Game Modes - Share with us your ideas!
« Reply #60 on: June 29, 2017, 04:38:09 am »
Search and Destroy

Basically battle mode where players only get 1 life per round, but where if their was an objective, say a certain ship the enemy team had to sink in order to win the round. It would actually make battle much more interesting and competitive because you can't just go around butchering the enemy to win the round, you actually have to destroy/defend an objective in order to win the round.

Zombie Survival

I always found these types of servers to be very entertaining because the difference it brought to NW. Examples from the NA side included [FH] Zombies (which was very popular back in the day, but is sadly dead or really never populated) and currently a server called Zombie Apocalypse. Zombie Apocalypse was very interesting the way that scripted because they made sure each unit such as the BlackWatch or the Sailor had their own unique weapons. Unlike FH where you had Player Zombies, they just used ordinary bots with some simple scripting that made them run faster. Just some ideas from my time on NW.

Obviously the Zombie stuff could just scripted into Holdfast which might make this idea obsolete.
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Re: Game Modes - Share with us your ideas!
« Reply #61 on: September 16, 2017, 04:48:04 am »
(Sorry for posting after two months of thread inactivity)(A wall of text follows, bare with me. Thank you :) ) (Expect some syntax or grammar errors)

So, there are a few things that have been going in my mind for a long while, some are indirectly related to Game Modes will others are actual game modes. I guess this is the best place to express myself.

Point One - Event variants (Indirectly Related to Game modes)

Since Holdfast is so focused on community private events (Line Battles etc) there should be in-game tools to support and enhance these very events. Trying to keep things as simple-effective as possible obviously.

Here are a few suggestion to support my first point:

 This is probably pretty big in terms of work needed for implementation, but please take a look. Add an "Events Variant" on the server option, that is actually used for events. This variant can/should have the option to differentiate  each Regiment/Crew (In this instance Regiment/Crew = clan) by having different groups within each faction.

- (Simpler Implementation) These groups are a set amount by default (for example a max of 20 groups per side) which players of a specific regiment/crew can "Join" upon choosing their faction. In the simple version these groups have default names (e.g. A,B,C etc)

- (Enhanced Implementation) These groups can be named by the regiment leaders OR the admins - to avoid incidents of trolling- to make things even nicer. For example, one group is named 420th Regiment of Foot and another one 7734th Light Company or just plain and simple 2001st. It is up to the author.

- (Extra Sophisticated Implementation) The above, plus, the admin can assign group leaders to each group, which can in turn customise it. Maybe they can pick which class this group uses so people even get to pick their class, they just pick their group or maybe the group leader can change the name of the group. This third section is simply to add the option of customisation and it's fully speculative (Also, it makes my aforementioned wall of text even longer :P )

These groups can be displayed on the scoring screen or at the end of a round (Like the Verdun game for example). They also make the admins job easier finding rule breakers or anyone else for any other reason. Also they can be used for the Assault game mode, so that players of the same group spawn next to each other, with a short distance between them and other groups.

The first question everyone will have after reading my point will be: Why though? Here comes my second point!

Point Two - Game Modes
By using the "Event Variant" I explained above, a whole lot of new possibilities unlock for events and event game modes.

-Event Army Battle (Or combined arms if the network/game engine permits it). In this game mode, each team will have a set amount of reinforcements, which the other team has to deplete in order to win. Sounds like a death match doesn't it? Here is where the "Event Variant" server option comes in play. In this game mode whole groups spawn as a whole after an amount of seconds has been passed (set by the admin) after the ENTIRE group has been annihilated. Basically, the team is reinforced by whole Regiments or companies. This way the Line Battle aspect is not eliminated by constant random spawning of individuals, players actually get to play more while waiting less and you don't get the server lag and cluster of a traditional Battlefield-like conquest.

-Event Naval Battle. The existing naval battlefield game mode works as the normal version plus. Each ship is one group. After a ship is sunk and it's entire crew die, the group along with it's ship gets re-spawned (Delay set by the admin of course). Each team has a limited amount of vessel re-spawns per vessel class. (Set by admin). Positives are the same as with the Army Battle. More game play less waiting, without loosing the Organised event feel.

Many more game modes can emerge from this, i just wanted to point out the two most obvious examples. Maybe in the future I can come up with more. I just don't to express an idea until it has fully matured in my mind. I can obviously over complicated modes with Conquest flags and other stuff, but this will make things worse, and the point of this text is to improve things.

Obviously Event hosts can use the default game modes for their event while keeping the "Event Variant" Server option on.

I hope this reaches developers and raise their curiosity. Thank you all for going through it (if you did :) ).
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Re: Game Modes - Share with us your ideas!
« Reply #62 on: September 16, 2017, 09:52:35 pm »
Infantry Only
Cavalry Only
Capture the flag..
Team Deathmatch
Battle Mode:

Mode to fall back if you as defender lost your objective in times just like battlefields opperations mode.

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Re: Game Modes - Share with us your ideas!
« Reply #63 on: September 17, 2017, 06:41:31 pm »
I like AlekoTheGreek's idea, having a sort of squad system like BF1 or... Squad. Squad also has an interesting system where players can pick specialties based on the size of the squad, the one who starts the squad can pick squad leader (eg. officer), and a small squad can have one AT troop (surgeon?) while a full squad can support two, so you don't have a squad of nine dudes with rocket launchers (though lines of 20 musicians can be hilarious).

From the gameplay I've seen, allies have green arrows over their heads, so maybe squad-(regiment-)mates could have a different color, like v, while the officers/NCOs get v or something (this way if the officer dies you know who can take over)? Plus the other standard features like spawning on your squad and getting extra score/EXP from assisting them could be there.

I also like Aleko's idea of making line battles seem bigger by having eliminated regs respawn in full, though this does call into question certain scenarios, like if the artillery regiment gets wiped out then spawns like 20 feet from the guys who just killed them... or maybe that's just the challenge of taking the arty, in that you have to be able to hold it against reinforcements. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Re: Game Modes - Share with us your ideas!
« Reply #64 on: September 17, 2017, 10:47:48 pm »
As posted above Zombies would be great to add to the base game. Wouldn't take much to add to it as well.
Regarding ~FH~ Zombies the server was the most populated server world wide for 2 years straight so it did very well. Whatever the devs do just focus on everything (that can be) being mod-able server side and the game will do well. Mount and Blades success was due largely to the modding scene, but a lot of great mods died due to having to be their own separate executable game with separate servers splitting the player base.