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I dont understand this logic. Grenadiers do not use grenades in Napoleonic Era. OK this is a historical fact. hmmm so, how many grenades should they have? 2 or 1 WTF !?!?!?!?!


Jaegers dont use in this time sniper rifles and this is fact. But maby we give them M40 or M82 Barrett
bump for my dude
Tournaments & Events / 77th Sunday Line Battle
« Last post by 77th Official on Today at 04:10:50 am »

Thread Coming Soon!

Good luck and awesome regiment name!  :)
When you call Carruthers and Banjo in to help you on a heist 8)

Game Discussion / Re: Grenadiers in holdfast.
« Last post by Absol on Today at 03:02:01 am »
If I remember correctly, grenades were still used in siege and naval battles during the era. If the game were to implement grenades but make them as difficult to use in the game as they were IRL (short throwing distance, long time to take out, light, and then throw) I think it'd be pretty cool. Enemy has taken up position in a house? Lob a grenade through the window. Ship is pulling up for boarding action? Hurl a grenade on decks. Urban warfare map? Grenades might come in handy.
Grenades might be useful in sieges, otherwise I don't think they would be. I think grenades should only be used in siege mode or have a server option to turn them off.

Modern art by 4th William Daniels
Awesome! Map editor next please?
Game Discussion / Re: Regimental Portraits
« Last post by Lord_Oliverzouch on Today at 01:52:29 am »

Thank You  :)
No, before we know it half the battlefield will be running around with pistols and swords.
It's this or we have highland officers leading riflemen around.
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