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throwing it back
Tournaments & Events / Re: 77th/89e Monday Linebattle (8pm EST)
« Last post by rubadubdub on Today at 02:15:08 am »
throwing it back
Didn't get any screenshots of today's coastal siege, but here is an artist's accurate representation:

Forum Games / Re: What this word reminds you?
« Last post by Garrel on Today at 01:27:31 am »
Fatigue syndrome.
Forum Games / Re: Change One Word
« Last post by Garrel on Today at 01:26:18 am »
Naughty bum.
Crews & Regiments (Clans) / Re: Royal deux Ponts -
« Last post by Garrel on Today at 01:24:21 am »
Good luck!
we are trying our best rn to be active we've lost a great amount of members and we are trying to grow our numbers back i hope we get through our darkest days
It's challenging with not only recruiting new members but being active so that the members you do have stick around. The more and more this game improves throughout it's updates the easier this will all get. Just got to hang in there, we all understand :)

Thanks Jack
Forum & Website / Re: Name Change Requests
« Last post by Jack on Today at 01:13:53 am »
Could you change this account to 33rd Official, please! :)
Not sure if a bump of this is allowed but has been 20 days and I know everyone is busy and I appreciate that just want to make sure that people before Leeches can get their renames too :)
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