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Crews & Regiments / Looking for a Worcs, Warw, or Staffords Regiment
« Last post by Pte.Cyka on Today at 01:33:30 am »
I would proudly volunteer to fight for a West Midlands Regiment as I am from that region. Lets beat those damn Frenchies for King George and Old England!
Crews & Regiments / Re: Avant - Garde Battalion (NA)
« Last post by Wallace on Today at 01:33:14 am »
name changed
Attackers/deffenders Application:  Attackers

Name of the Ship/Regiments name:  HMS Renown Royal Marines

Thread link:

Ship Type/class: 8- Gun Schooner

leaders Steam ID:
Regular or Once?: Once for now

Attendance: 10/15

prefered nation: United Kingdom
see you guys on the battlefield!
Good luck, its always fun seeing new regiments!
I have filled in the application under the name 'John Hatham'.

You're all sorted now.
I think in any other game it would be a great idea.  This game is not the kind of game where in-game rank matters.  You could have it so when they rank up, they get better gear, but that work break uniformity and ruin the game.  A tag to their name would be just as bad, everyone would be horribly confused.  I mean if you're just talking about what level they are showing up next to their name it would work IF all the servers were linked together and player progression carried, but it would/could not for this game.
Mess Hall / Re: Rate the Signature Above You
« Last post by Dom_ on Today at 01:13:53 am »
Crews & Regiments / Re: 1st Division, Squadron of the Blue. [EU/NA]
« Last post by DanielG453 on Today at 01:12:06 am »
Night of the Long Knives? More like Night of the Long Homeworks.

I must concur, that Homework is one of the most mundane and boring things ever!  ???
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