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Points (Score) and Other Things
« on: November 27, 2017, 12:34:21 am »
People are selfish. They want to be rewarded for helping their teammates, instead of viewing being helpful as its own reward. That's why you rarely see people being surgeons (also because 99% of attacks are instant kills, I guess if someone gets hit by a sword then healing them will allow them to get hit again, but still it's more likely that after being healed they'll just get shot and die instantly as they would have anyways, and now I'm rambling...)

My point (no pun intended) is, points (score) could be used to encourage the sort of helpful behavior that does not come naturally for us selfish beings. It's also desperately needed to give credit where credit is due. Now there are already some things that reward players, such as kills, long-distance kills, head shots, and class assists (ex. flags, musicians). Though long-distance kills and head shots really reward things that are more a result of luck than skill (especially at the ranges where hitting the body instead of the head would not kill an uninjured player). And, of course, objective modes reward a small amount of points for completing an objective. But there needs to be more.

Note: Extra points are their own "actions," (head shots for example), while bonus points means a multiplier to all points earned (+10%: Officer Nearby for example)

The Actual Suggestion Part
Here are things that (I believe) points should be rewarded for:
Surgeons get a small amount of points for healing (like 1 per 10% of health restored)
Surgeons get a fraction of the points earned by players they healed (to avoid having to keep track of a ton of data, maybe just points from the next action of the player(s) they healed most recently, or in a certain time frame)
Riflemen get extra points for killing specialists (more so than for other classes, yes this may have been suggested somewhere else)
Most classes get a bonus multiplier (+10% or so) when near an officer (has to be an officer of the same class/regiment when that gets implemented, ex. rifles only benefit from presence of a rifle officer)
Officer bonus works by proximity, but for Line Infantry officers it may also propagate down the line (if that's not too difficult)
Officers and Flag Bearers get extra points when completing objectives with others
Line Infantry get a bonus multiplier when standing in a line  :o (Ex. +5% if someone is standing to one side of you, +10% if there are people on both sides. Yes it's fair, you're less likely to be shot at the ends of the line you cowards.)
Line Infantry in melee get assists from other nearby line infantry who are in melee (to encourage big charges)
Extra points for killing a Rifleman with a bayonet
Everyone in a line gets a small assist when someone in the line gets a kill
Light Infantry get the same bonuses as Line Infantry and Rifles, but slightly smaller
Playing in tune with a Drummer/Fifer as a Fifer/Drummer doubles assist points
Carpenters/Sappers get points from fixing things (that were damaged by the enemy)
Carpenters/Sappers earn bonus points when damaging/destroying things with their axe
Sappers get points when enemies damage/destroy or get injured/killed by their fortifications
Artillerymen earn points for damaging/destroying enemy fortifications and cannons
There are probably some more things that could go here...

Defenders get a bonus multiplier for everything they do from the safety of their fort (or near a capture point if there is no fort)
Defenders get extra points for attacking someone who is in the process of completing an objective (like capturing a capture point)
Attackers get bonus points for attacking a defender in their fort or near their capture point
Attackers get extra points for attacking someone who is attempting to defend an objective (like contesting a capture point)
Defenders lose points for dying outside their fort?
For coastal siege, sinking a ship earns points

Points for hitting a ship with a cannon
Extra points for damaging a part of a ship using the appropriate ammo type (round for the hull and guns, chain for the masts and sails)
Even bigger amount of points for destroying a part of a ship (regardless of ammo used)
Assist for every player who damaged a part of a ship before it was destroyed, unless it was repaired after the damage but before the destruction
When an enemy ship is sunk, for each friendly ship, everyone on the crew of that ship earns the same number of points based on the amount of damage the members of that crew did to that ship (so that even Captains can get a reasonable spot on the scoreboard without going Rambo)
Extra points for killing an enemy boarder
Extra points for killing enemies while boarding
Points for capturing an enemy ship (after the enemy ship's crew is wiped out, the first person to take the helm captures the ship for their crew)

With a few, or many, or all, of these adjustments, it will be easier to figure out who was actually the most valuable player on their team, instead of whoever just got the most kills (which are valuable in their own right, but may be earned at the expense of leaving an objective defenseless, etc.), while also encouraging team play.

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Re: Points (Score) and Other Things
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2017, 12:37:16 am »
I also had a few other suggestions that would work well with what's up above
The Other Things
As in games such as Battlefield and Halo, maybe players can earn medals and ribbons and commendations or what have you for accomplishing great feats, such as high kill counts and kill streaks, sinking a ship, earning lots of assists, etc. These would appear on some kind of post-game report, which would recount the most impressive feats performed during the round.
For naval gamemodes, maybe there could be a section of the report to reward the captains of the most successful crews in addition to the individual accomplishments. (Yes, this was suggested somewhere else, I just had to add the part about the captains)

Naval Boarding Mechanics
For naval there will probably end up being two main modes - casual and hardcore. The current system is casual, as ships have infinite respawns. The hardcore mode would have limited crew reinforcements, like it was at release.
I'm thinking boarding could go like this: When you get in range, your sailors can throw boarding hooks, and if enough hooks are attached at once (depending on the size of ship you're attempting to board), then the sailors can pull the hooks in until the ships are right next to each other. When boarding begins, the crew reinforcements system comes into effect for casual mode (hardcore is better though because you can actual bring down a crew's reinforcements from a distance before trying to board). The reinforcements will, of course, depend on the size of the ships in boarding action. Then it's simple: whichever ship loses all of its reinforcements gets captured, and becomes available in the spawn menu for the faction that captured it, as well as raising the faction's flag. A ship can try to avoid (or escape) a boarding by removing the boarding hooks until they're below the required amount to be pulled in, and then sail out of range while removing any hooks that get thrown to keep it below the required amount.

Shrapnel Damage
Players near a part of a ship that gets hit by a cannonball or explosion but not in the lethal radius should suffer some damage from splinters and the like so that the surgeon has some use in naval battles. Canister shot that hits from a long range could have the same effect (as in, injuring but not killing people).
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