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Author Topic: Idea for Holdfast | Changing the game?  (Read 538 times)

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Idea for Holdfast | Changing the game?
« on: May 03, 2018, 09:30:52 pm »
Before you read: This mechanic/idea can be added now or whenever the developers feel like it's okay to be added IF it's planned to be added.
Idea: I was thinking that there should be a big map. Like Arma 3`s big map(or atleast around that size). At west of the map you will have 1 team`s forts and cities and at east you will have the other`s team forts and cities. This will be bigger than ussual, there people can gather around,talk at campfires,go train together, regiments could make stuff together, have to know people from other regiments and stuff like that. Every..let`s say 3 to 3 days, on the map there will be an event. All the regiments will need to gather around(this case we will say that the west is British and East is France) . So all the regiments from the british empire will gather at 1 fort. Same for france but for their fort. Then they will start marching together to the place where the event will take place. ( Here is where a new mechanic can take place - Fatigue - This will make the regiments very fatigued,they will not be able to aim for a long time,they will jump less of a distance, maybe even affect their vision. So they will need to rest for them to boost their morale and fatigue and make them ready for battle. IF a regiment doesn`t rest and goes straight to the event area,when they reach it they will enter a waiting queue where they will not be able to rest and play with their level of fatigue the entire match. So thats why you need to be concerned for the entire road about your people`s life and sanity and health). When all the regiments reach that zone they will need to make lines ( like in Assassin creed 3`s trailer) and fire few voleys. THEN like in normal events you just go around and whoever wins wins. Then they need to go back to the fort and from there anybody does what it wants. Maybe add a tavern and make regiments go there and drink and talk and celebrate.( I have to specify here that regiments can take more artilery to battlers - Cannons for example - But it will make the fatigue go down MUCH faster to the regiment that transports the cannon)
          Of course regiments can gather around and attack other forts of the enemies. This "small events" will be able to take place only from 1.5 to 1.5 days (36 hours appart). This will prevent abusing and conguering the map and going into Total Destruction of a faction. ( Here comes the possibility of upgrading forts. You will be able to add cannons,stronger walls and things like that. BUT if other faction recaptures or captures your fort those upgrades will remain for the other faction to take advantage of - So be careful and take care of your forts)
          There also will be citizens. They will be asked to choose a country and will have the opportunity to eather be around the fort and wish good luck to the regiments and boost their morale(but if they stay around the fort and this is attacked they will have a 90% chance of dying and loose all their items) OR the citizens will be able to join a regiment as recruits. Maybe they will like it and tell their friends to join the game and join the regiment. Maybe citizens will have to prove themselfs until they can join. He will be taken to a proving ground and be tested while the other regiment is watching or doing something else)
          You can go very far with this idea(with the new system coming that you have to customize your character and stuff like that). Maybe add a leveling/progressing system for the regiment itself and for a player.

          Thank you for reading and hopefully enough people will respond and help the developers see if people appreciate or not this idea. Of course developers oppinion matters as well :)

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Re: Idea for Holdfast | Changing the game?
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2018, 01:29:07 am »
I really like the idea of a persistent world/campaign for this game, and this is something I would love to see down the line.

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Re: Idea for Holdfast | Changing the game?
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2018, 09:55:34 am »
I would love to see this, it would make the game give us more of an incentive to cooperate with each other.

My only issues with this is that I don't think this would work with this game's current design and mechanics.