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Author Topic: Desert Ruins wall scaling change in beta  (Read 325 times)

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Desert Ruins wall scaling change in beta
« on: October 08, 2017, 04:23:03 pm »
On the desert ruins(army siege) the brits can take the wall via jumping on the side rocks getting slowly to the top. I have no problem with this, in a matter a fact I like it. This will no longer be the case due to the following change in beta. "You shouldn’t be able to climb up the rocks and jump onto the city walls on Desert Ruins anymore. Instead, the attackers now have a ladder where they can do this from." I see two problems with this, one being that WHY WOULD THE FRENCH LEAVE A LADDER OUT FOR THE BRITS TO USE AT ALL?! and second, the rocks were not perfect to just run up and take the wall. The brits would have to hop around a bit while taking fire just to make it to the top. This meant that the wall take over was slower but felt "earned" if you will. Now if this becomes something that is wanted by most people then so be it, but I think its a poor change that was not needed.
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Re: Desert Ruins wall scaling change in beta
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2017, 08:11:07 pm »
I imagine at some point when they have sappers in the game ladders will need to be built or at least set up. I expect it is just a placeholder for now.

Siege game mode will be a lot more interesting when destruction and sappers are on the scene.

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Re: Desert Ruins wall scaling change in beta
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2017, 01:05:56 am »
I think, and it's probably the case, they did that cause this map is so fucking easy for the defenders. They decided to add ladders to make the siege more interesting.

But yeah, I hope, later, the ladders will need to be place by the attackers.
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