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Author Topic: [Suggestion] Orbit cam > reset to default position after every use  (Read 49 times)

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Could the functionality of the orbit cam be changed so that it resets to the default position once you're done using it, instead of it "remembering" the last position it was at when you released the assigned key? Basically the way it works in Mount & Blade: Warband/Napoleonic Wars. Or maybe make it an option?

You now have to constantly adjust the viewing direction because the orbit cam stays in the viewing direction you left it at when you last used it, regardless of the movements/direction changes you've made with your character. Sometimes you will have to make a 180 degree turn with the camera to get it to face the direction you want, which can be quite disorienting. If it would reset to the default position - facing forward, showing your character's back - you'll always know the starting point of the camera, and you'll only have to make a quick mouse-movement to the left or right.

Would be much appreciated!

Anybody else who feels this way?

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Re: [Suggestion] Orbit cam > reset to default position after every use
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2017, 08:32:43 am »
That would be a good idea. +1