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Other Games / Re: War of Rights
« Last post by Coldstreamer on Today at 02:16:28 am »
I have it too, now its more fun since Skirmishers is out!
Mess Hall / Re: How famous is the person above you?
« Last post by Coldstreamer on Today at 02:15:42 am »
9/10  pretty cool dude
Guantanamo bay is for the Americans and its in CUBA.
Why are all the middle eastern terrorists in there then eh?  ;)
Community / Talon's Workshop | TS Icons - TS Design - Reg Art |
« Last post by Talon on Today at 01:39:23 am »
I'll update this thread in time but it will become a thread where you can request teamspeak icons and regimental art - I'm not that amazing at art but I'm not that bad

Thread is WIP because on phone :p

Teamspeak Icons

When requesting icons use this template:
Icons requested:
Similar Images or description of look:
Anything else that may be of use:

British Icons

French Icons

Prussian Icons

Other Icons

Regimental Art

I can also design and make TeamSpeaks - Groups, channels etc. If you would like for me to do or help with that contact me through Steam
1erPLG the best 1er and the best G out there
Mess Hall / Re: How famous is the person above you?
« Last post by Gatts on Today at 12:55:02 am »
caster chadman, would give a straight 10 out of 10
Crews & Regiments / Re: 54y Preobrazhensky Regiment
« Last post by Voodoo on Today at 12:32:38 am »
Good Luck
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