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Suggestions & Feedback / Interactive Colors/Standards
« Last post by Sourkraut on Today at 08:35:54 am »
Hi, This is a minor suggestion, would it be possible to plant colors, pick them up, and even steal enemy colors just like in M&B NW? It would be a minor detail but,was a significant action historically. Usually if the ensign carrying the colors was shot or otherwise couldn't carry them another man would take his place. It would be of great shame for a regiment to lose it's colors/eagle. Also, the stealing of enemy colors while risky  was highly rewarded. It would certainly add to immersion, there would be no more disappearing flags when the ensign is killed for example.
Tournaments & Events / Re: Santa Ana's Naval Battle
« Last post by Juarez on Today at 07:01:44 am »
Crew Name: HMS Renown Royal Marines
Regiment CO/NCO's Steam:
Will you be attending weekly?: weekly
How many people can you bring?: 10-15
Do you agree the rules?: Yes
Accepted! Please, be in ts 30 mins before of the event
Awesome Briggs.
Crews & Regiments (Clans) / Re: 77th (East Middlesex) Regiment of Foot
« Last post by Garrel on Today at 05:35:30 am »
A little something I found on my PC after deleting some files.

You can use it if you wish 77th.  :)

Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Emote / Animation Menu
« Last post by Luke192 on Today at 04:52:51 am »
Happy day before Thanksgiving!
Good luck! :)
Tournaments & Events / Re: 32nd Sunday Holdfast Event
« Last post by gurudennis on Today at 03:33:08 am »
Is there Skirmishers slots?

As light infantry using large-gap single-line formation tactics, yes.

Until rifles are rebalanced by the developers to be a bit less OP, we are keeping the event rifle-free for the sake of balance. The 32nd itself has a light/skirm detachment, so our only motivation in making this decision is the "greater good" of the event.

Another fine print is that if there are too many light infantrymen in a given event, I may occasionally ask you to go line.
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