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Report A Bug / Server bans unremovable
« Last post by Macbeagle on Today at 10:11:18 am »
Hello, after the last patch it was not possible to unban people due to the fact they did not show up on the bannedplayers.txt and a complete replacement of the server files did not fix the issue.
Tournaments & Events / Re: 2e Léger Friday Event - [19:00 GMT]
« Last post by Tenford on Today at 10:09:34 am »
Regiment Name : [BC] 1aCIZ
Unit type : Line
Number : 8-15
One time or weekly : Weekly
Leaders steam id and teamspeak : Tenford, Lorucas,
Have you read and agree to the rules and unit rules : Yes
Tech Support / Re: Griefers / Team killers
« Last post by Exodus on Today at 10:04:34 am »
Can we turn TK off yet?
Thank Leon for the offer but I hosted the server localy from my computer, make testing a bit easier.

I did further testing and used other classes to see how it behaves and I am shocked about what I found.
I set up my position next to the cannon and used the split between the mountains in distance and the skybox as my aiming zone, I used a tree in the distance to target horizontaly.
Please note that on this following picture I moved a bit to the left after shooting to check the trajectory, which hit at the distance of 304 meters.
Observing the displayed stats in the top right corner I noticed several variations in values.
For the musket, the values are:
Muzzle velocity: 339.5, 298.5, 284.6, 264.5, 323.6, 319.7, 352.2, 328.5, 319.7, 327.7
Impact distance:304.7,178.7,171.1,237.5,258.1,191.8,246.4,196.7,286.9,196.2

For the rifle, the values are:
Muzzle velocity: 126.4,126.6,112.8,128.3,126.8,110.1,126.6,116,127.2,113.3
Impact distance:176.4,189.3,168.9,191.9,177.1,154,176.8,173.9,177.8,169.9

You can see from this data sample:
That "muzzle velocity" on the musket varied between 264.5 - 352.2 while on the rifle it varied between 110.1 - 128.3.
That "gravity" value on the musket varies a lot, with values between 28.5 - 71 while "gravity" value for the rifle was between 10.2 - 11.
That "impact distance" for the musket varied between 171.1 - 304.7 while on the rifle it varied between 154 - 189.3

From this data sample I can only conclude that given the overall consistency of the rifle's values a rifleman will have a predictable shooting pattern while his rigle actualy underperform in range compared to the musket which on the other hand have values all over the place and while it can shoot further, the random factor make shooting the musket a pain.

These trajectories are a sad joke and this innacuracy cannot be reasonably argued. I have seen some player here and on steam forums arguing that innacuracy is good as it prevent the game from turning into a "camping match" and put emphasis on melee which according to some was so prevalent in that period (an opinion based on games, movies and not actual sources). While a certain deviation from reality is needed to make the game playable and given this game dont atempts to be ArmA: Napoleonic Wars having values that are not exactly realistic is ok. But what is presented in this game at this moment cant even be called "arcadey", its simply wrong.
This level of innacuracy is bad regardless of what your historical perception is, if or when cavalry is implemented the inability of infantry to defend itself from cavalry apart of depending on bayonets would lead to cavalry dominating the battlefield. Even in the NW DLC for Warband where precision is higher and melee responsive infantry is easily killed by cavalry.
Crews & Regiments / Re: 13thRoyal Scots ( Royal Regiment of Foot )
« Last post by Skittykiller on Today at 10:00:39 am »
Good luck snow :D

Fórum Español / Re: 1. Wolff Light Battalion
« Last post by Frezky on Today at 09:44:12 am »
He estado buscando información ya que a mi si me ha entrado curiosidad, por lo pronto no se si por casualidad o porque si lo habréis buscado, pero parece ser que dicho regimiento existió realmente integrado en el VIII Corps (Würtemberg), División de infantería, brigada von Hügel.

Por lo que he podido averiguar de la estructura del ejército de esta confederación creada por Napoleón se deduce que usan un mismo escalafón (parece ser que imitando al francés), ya no se si lo usarían en francés o en alemán, supongo que en éste último.
Ilustraciones con estructura de la Confederación del Rin

Ciertamente, pero el escalafón militar empleado por algunos estados alemanes (entre ellos Württemberg, Baden y Bavaria) siguieron utilizando los rangos en alemán, hasta 1812. Fue que a partir de 1812, se empezó a utilizar la estructura francesa, una de las principales razones era la gran confusión que se generaba entre los altos mandos franceses.
Tech Support / Re: Griefers / Team killers
« Last post by Charles Caldwell on Today at 09:43:25 am »
FF is a must if this game is to be taken seriously, turning FF off is merely a bandage over the wound.

Keep FF on but apply the 3 strikes and out rule, 3 or 5 TK and ban from the server for an 1hr
Historical Discussion / Royal Navy Ranks/Positions
« Last post by TomaHawkAU on Today at 09:38:16 am »
I've been googling for a couple of days now and haven't been able to find anything concrete or more that every website says something different. Did the Royal Navy have a set rank structure or was it different on every ship since the sailors signed up to the ship not the Royal Navy, all I have found is that the Captain is the person who commands a ship and the Rank of Captain had something else before it to distinguish the rank from the position. I have also found that the Lieutenants were ranked First, Second, Third... etc When it comes to everything else I can't find much. Would preferably like smaller ship ranks/positions since thats whats present in the game but even the ranks of a Ship of the Line would be good too since im interested in the era.
Fórum Español / Re: Biblioteca Nacional de España
« Last post by Tenford on Today at 09:31:23 am »
¡Buena iniciativa! Ésta tarde te pasaré algunas cosas para que puedas añadirlas.
Tech Support / Re: Content file locked
« Last post by Refleax on Today at 09:30:51 am »
You're welcome.
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