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Author Topic: Continious war map.  (Read 313 times)

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Continious war map.
« on: September 06, 2017, 08:29:58 pm »
huh, a continious war map you say? Indeed my friend! Have you never thought of making an impact, and change the course of the entire war?
How does it work?

The map itself
10+ dots on the map. Connected in lines to eachother. Each dot represents a major battle in the Napoleonic Wars. The offical events they announced that will happen (weekly?) will play these battles.
Regiments can choose whether to join the French Republic's side, or the Coalition. (at the start of a season, see next lines)

A season, a 10 week season, every week there is 1 battle. Both sides start with a set number of troops (France 500, Coalition, 500, these are rough examples)

The first battle would just be a 100v100 battle, (or more, or less, idc). Lets say the battles goes like this
75 French troops die in the battle. All coalitionists die. France now has 425 troops, and the Coalition has 400 troops. France advances a dot on the map. (maybe make goal to reach Moscow, and coalitionist goal to reach paris?) Next battle france loses all 100 of its men, and the Coalition loses 10. France now has 325 troops, and the coalition has 390. The coalition takes the dot back taken by France last battle.

There will be a battle like this each week.

Now you may ask, a season can only last 10 weeks, so what will happen if in the 10th battle neither side have reached eachothers goal? Well if both sides start with 500 troops. After 10 battles one side is bound to lose. The one that has no troops left loses (duh).

VERY OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS, I DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT THE MECHANICS BUT I JUST WANT A COOL WAR GAME LIKE H&G (the war map sucked tho becaues of lazy devs that wouldnt buff the germans)

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Re: Continious war map.
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2017, 08:31:40 pm »
Perhaps even a high command could be added. Some of you may know the North and South mod, from mount&blade. 100v100 battles with a high command. Regiments listen to the high command. Individuals listen to the regiments. Its kinda cool, but this is up for the regiments to decide because you cant force them. (unlike north&south where you are required to follow the high-commands orders if they give any)

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