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Tournaments & Events / Re: Santa Ana's Naval Battle
« Last post by JSC_Gijon on Today at 05:58:58 pm »
Santa Ana's Naval Battle
Sunday 22 April 18h GMT.

Join Here! or tell me via Steam:
Had a great event last night! Still have plenty of room too!
Highly recommend this event! Check it out if you're looking for one!
Still Plenty of space available!
Looking forward to the battle this evening. Conquest with the 77th :D
Good luck / Rsv  :)
Community Name:
40th Renolds
Steam Name:
40th Rockwall56
Steam URL:
New York, EST
About Yourself:
I’m a full time student who’s working for a degree in Software Engineering. I mainly spend my free-time coding games, playing video games (specifically Holdfast), and watching World War 2 movies and Shows.
Why you believe you would be a good administrator:
Personally it has been a goal of mine to help out in the community for quite some time now. I bet Getty understands b/c I think i might of asked em’ a few times… anyways I really want to help out a game that took my away from the personal struggles I was in giving me a regiment to hang out in, do line battles, meet interesting people, and learn about Napoleonic era history. I’d be a good admin because I take any role with extreme seriousness that has to do with being an Admin of some sort or a moderator type role. I make sure everything is running smoothly and any problems to be addressed quickly and efficiently.
Previous Experience (if any):
I’ve been a moderator on a few older forums and some discords, but that’s mainly it. The most experience I have is in Leading lines and holding drill so that my soldiers are in tip top shape.
Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?:
What are the required hours per week?
References (if any):
Mainly 40th Darrall because i’ve spent a lot of time alongside him during linebattles and off the field.
EU Event Time!!!! :)
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