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Go back to the future, witch!

Good luck!
Good Siege today everyone I really enjoyed it.
Greetings, men and women of the Holdfast Community. I am Stonewall Jackson, and fighting behind The Great Dixie flag are the glorious Troops of the Confederate States of America, fighting for the rights of states and victory in Holdfast! We're pretty laid back compared to other regiments, with no mandatory attendance to games or obligations to fulfill. We only ask one thing, and that is for you to join us in helping the South rise to it's former glory. We currently attend no linebattles, but organize public games throughout the week. We are however interested in attending line battles in the future, we wouldn't be against it.
Join here:
Tournaments & Events / Re: 45th spooky Halloween siege extravangza!
« Last post by Tyler1 on Today at 05:26:56 am »
We got ranging from 3-7 men, sorry for the unreliability.
We'd like to play for the skeleton army.
You can contact me by [ 1er GGR ] Capitaine Tyler1#7174 if there is any other formalities that I have forgotten.
Seeya then!  :D :D
Tournaments & Events / Re: 45th spooky Halloween siege extravangza!
« Last post by TRRHonor on Today at 05:23:03 am »
were excited to be there!
Tournaments & Events / 45th spooky Halloween siege extravangza!
« Last post by Daveowns on Today at 05:17:09 am »
This Saturday the 20th @9pm EST. The 45th Empress Dragoon’s will be hosting a fun/casual Halloween siege event! Come play as the skeleton army or the art of mighty chads! We will be giving out random game codes and letting people go crazy with their voice changers! Extra points for the spooky ones! We will be blasting Micheal Jackson’s thriller too! Come one and come all! We will top out at 150 people!! Post here if you’re attending. What regiment you are, how many chads or skeletons you got with you and if you have any comments or suggestions post em up too!

The mvps of each round will win a game from Dave’s bag of jank! Come have a great time with us fellas!

Tfw youtube is down
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