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Off-Topic / Re: World Cup 2018
« Last post by Garrel on Today at 06:07:20 am »
Interesting World Cup so far.
Forum Games / Re: What this word reminds you?
« Last post by Garrel on Today at 06:04:19 am »
Forum Games / Re: The Counting Game
« Last post by Garrel on Today at 06:03:11 am »
Forum Games / Re: The Rhyming Game
« Last post by Garrel on Today at 06:02:48 am »
Forum Games / Re: Change One Word
« Last post by Garrel on Today at 06:02:22 am »
Endless road.
We are recruiting still
FR: Cherche un régiment sérieux mais sans etre trops strict, je suis disponible du lundi au vendredi a tout heure (a noter que je vie au Québec donc j'aura le décallage de 6 heure). Je suis prêt a faire n'importe qu'elle role tant qu'ont me l'explique et m'entraine.

EN: I am looking for a serious but not strict regiment, i am available monday to friday at any time. I am ready to play any role as long as you explain it to me and train me. Note that i wont speak with my mic but will be fully active in chat.
Tournaments & Events / Re: [EU] 59th Thursday Coastal Siege
« Last post by NormalGuy on Today at 01:45:30 am »
●  Regiment Name: 77th Regiment of Foot
●  Regiment Class: Line
●  Regiment CO/NCO's Steam: 77th | Ens | NormalBoy & 77th | Sjt | Oxley
●  Will you be attending weekly?: No
●  How many people can you bring?: 10-15 people (maybe less or even more)
●  Do you agree to follow the rules stated?: Yes
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