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32nd  A E S T H E T I C

Wow were is that from, looks amazing.

The sexiest thing I have seen in NW.

Crews & Regiments / Re: Regimento de Infantaria Nº 18 [EU] - Placeholder
« Last post by NiPhix on Today at 06:41:36 pm »
Thanks mate. :)
Crews & Regiments / Re: Regimento de Infantaria Nº 18 [EU] - Placeholder
« Last post by Garrel on Today at 06:22:16 pm »
Good luck with this rename anyways! :)
Crews & Regiments / Re: H.M.S Göta Lejon! - Rekryterar
« Last post by karolinen on Today at 06:03:58 pm »
Nujävlar grabbar - Carl Johan Adelsson
Crews & Regiments / Re: Regiment Leaders Steam Contacts
« Last post by NiPhix on Today at 05:55:23 pm »
23e is free to use for anyone else. I'm sorry for the troubles.
Crews & Regiments / Re: Regiment & Crew List
« Last post by NiPhix on Today at 05:54:55 pm »
23e is free to use for anyone else. I'm sorry for the troubles.
Yeah. I'm going to create one. But only if there is a Portuguese faction or units within the British. I'll remove this name so it can not mislead people for it being used.

The 23e name is available for anyone now. I'll make this thread a placeholder for the Portuguese regiment I'll be making.
Crews & Regiments / Re: 15° Regimento de Infantaria (2nd Olivença)
« Last post by NiPhix on Today at 05:32:53 pm »
Boa sorte a todos. :)
Suggestions & Feedback / Siege realism and sapper class.
« Last post by Max on Today at 05:31:01 pm »
One of the main problems with sieges in Napoleonic Wars was that many maps relied on walls destruction through artillery. On some maps, you couldn't even find a way in without destroying the walls, and sometimes had to wait a very long time in front of the walls while players were trying to kill each other to decide who could man the artillery.

The gameplay was boring and very repetitive.

The Italian style fortifications were of course very strong, and couldn't be destroyed by cannons. Artillery was used to kill people over the walls. Sometimes you could weaken the walls with your artillery and create small gaps that could be used to set up explosives and destroy the walls. But there was no way to actually take a fort without sapper work:
- Digging a big network of trenches as close to the walls as possible.
- Digging tunnels (sape) in which you would eventually set up explosives or, for defense, also digging tunnels to set up an explosion under the enemy's tunnels (contre-sape).
- Filling the moats with fascines.

Vauban himself was known for one main invention: placing artillery in a perpendicular angle to the walls and letting the cannonballs roll over the top of the wall, killing many. It was called "tir en enfilade". He also invented a defense against his own method: some small blocks would be built over the wall itself to prevent cannonballs from rolling.

I saw that holdfast uses the old unrealistic Napoleonic Wars system were you would just destroy the wall with artillery. This is a pity as the most important class in a siege should be the sapper. Of course I understand the funny thing in destroying walls with artillery, but it's also possible to give sappers the possibility to play an important, maybe the most important part, in sieges (without the spam of sandbags that you could find in NW).

- They could dig tunnels. That's something that I added on some maps for my Minisiege server on NW. It took hours to make because of the map editor and the lack of possibilies, but imagine what you could do in a new game.
- They could set up explosives in tunnels that would destroy the walls over it.
- They could build fascines on preset locations to fill the moats, especially used on forts surrounded by water and wetlands.
- You could add wetlands to the game that would simply slow down the players ?

You will find many ideas in Vauban's La conduite des sièges.

I believe that this would add a lot more fun to sieges, and many more possibilities to mapping, and wouldn't require so much work to be added to the game.
Forum Games / Re: The Counting Game
« Last post by Garrel on Today at 05:19:50 pm »
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