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Great match tonight guys!

1st CM unfortunately could not make it tonight due to attendance issues so Centipede stepped up for the fight!

It was an intense match and both teams had their great moments! Looking forward to more matches and more teams signing up!!!
Off-Topic / Re: Political Alignment
« Last post by TheGreatGroovyGrenadier on Today at 03:01:56 am »
I got comfortably close to Gandhi's dot, which was nice.
Off-Topic / Why do British people sound so important?
« Last post by TheGreatGroovyGrenadier on Today at 01:21:42 am »
"Why do British people sound so important when they speak?" Is the question I, and many other Americans (and others) ask. Today while listening to a British Novelist speak on the radio I thought: "Do British people sound so important because the U.S. (and many other countries) were English colonies, so Englishmen being the nobility most of the time were more important, and more worth while to listen too because they made the laws?" Is it hardwired or something? Or do British people just sound more important because they sound important for and unknown reason?
Regarding the proposal of the new map, can you design a city map or a town map? Fighting on the streets can also be fun and lots of accessible houses. One is the city occupant and the other is the aggressor.
Please consider my suggestion. This is what I have always thought, because most of the maps are in the wild.
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