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Tournaments & Events / 116th Fight Club (Saturday 9:00 EST)
« Last post by 116th Finke on Today at 04:29:24 am »

1. No Guns
2. No Swords
3. Only fists
4. Best 2 out of 3 rounds wins
5. Each round will last 2 minutes
6. Admin's ruling is final ruling
7. DON'T talk about fight club

To win a round:
Either kill your opponent with your fists.
If neither player is dead at the end of the 2 minute round, the winner will be determined with the highest health left.

*One of the admins will be a surgeon and the admin will determine who has the higher health, this is at the admins discretion. If health bar is too close to call, admin may allow the round to be redone

Each winner of the fights will continue to the next bracket fight, until the finals.
The final fight will consist of 5 rounds with the winner of 3 win the Club.

We are looking to start the event in 2 weeks (February 2nd)
Events will be on Saturdays at 9:00 EST
The tournament bracket will be made once we see how many participants are attending

To Join:
1. Either reply to this forum page, please have your in-game name and steam name. (One of the admins will add you as a friend)
2. Add either [116th] Finke or Styke1122 on steam to join.

Any and All are Welcomed
Report A Bug / constant crashing?
« Last post by Megadrive on Today at 04:16:29 am »
hello everyone, love the game however my game constantly crashes. I have changed the affinity of the game to only use to cpu's, and have disable the "AMD catalyst control center" however my game still keeps crashing, unfortunately i cant get the crash logs to show you,

my specs are
AMD Ryzen 5  2600 six core
16.0 GB ram
Amd Raedeon HD 6700

Thankyou for your time and have a great day!
Game Discussion / Re: Remove Helmsman/Coup d'état Function
« Last post by Absol on Today at 01:44:23 am »
This is kind of a double edged sword. The captain can already take over the helm from anyone else, but if you want to vote out the captain that might be a problem. On one hand you can get rid of bad captains, and on the other, regiments or groups of can abuse it to take over the ship. I doubt it will be added.
Regiment Name: TRRB
Leaders Steam(URL):
Estimated Attendance:40 plus
Would you like to be in the skirm rotation: I dont mind
Are you attending weekly: yes
Have you read the rules: yes
Have you joined the discord? yes

3. Pułk Piechoty Xięstwa Warszawskiego (3rd Infantry Regiment - Duchy of Warsaw)

I am currently second in command in 3pp, but when Wiking is absent I am the one who fulfil the role of leader.

Tags: 3pp_XW
Forum Thread:
Steam Group:
My Steam:
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