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Report A Bug Guidelines
« on: September 22, 2017, 08:55:23 pm »
If you have encountered an in-game bug or exploit, it is highly encouraged that you report it here on the forums for the AGS Development Team to have a look at the situation and be able to patch it as soon as possible. We want players to have the best experience they possibly can when playing Holdfast, so it is again asked of you to report a bug whenever you encounter one.

If you are reporting a bug which is one to do with in-game problems (installation etc) be sure to take a look to see if anybody has previously experienced this issue as it may have been solved on their thread if this is not the case then please be as descriptive as possible (using screenshots) so that the issue may be solved quickly and efficiently.

Please do not post here complaining that an in-game mechanic is done horribly and needs fixing, there is a board dedicated to that which can be found here (Suggestions & Feedback) this is so that you do not abuse what the board's main purpose is for and that real issue topics are seen and dealt with.

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