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Author Topic: Holdfast: NaW Update - Important notes for event hosters!  (Read 1247 times)

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Holdfast: NaW Update - Important notes for event hosters!
« on: October 22, 2017, 11:02:02 pm »
Hey guys, we're currently looking at a new version of the game which includes some significant updates for event hosters and regiment leaders. This includes a few key updates to player counts, administrative tools and a brand spanking new map. Please peruse the details at your leisure.

Here's a link to the announcement on the Holdfast: NaW Steam page:

Holdfast: NaW - Organised Play & Team Chat! Changelog 8

Holdfast: Nations At War has been updated! Today we would like to start with a big thanks to all the crews and regiments in the game. In this update we made sure to pay some well-deserved attention to facilitate the administration of events, introduce a new linebattle map, chat channels and increasing the player count limit from 126 to 150 players for the army based game modes per server - All aimed towards promoting and aiding organised play.

Event Hosting - Admin Tools
After a lot of great feedback and suggestions from our community were received, we started improving upon existing and developing new administration tools.

In addition to the spectating functionality introduced during the previous week, event hosts (server administrators) are now able to easily kill (slay), kick or even ban other players through the ‘Round Players’ panel. You can now also state a reason before taking your desired action further facilitating the administration of events.

Is your regiment interested in hosting Public Linebattles? It would certainly serve as a great introduction for new players to organised gameplay and gather some recruits while you’re at it! We’ll be here to develop additional administration tools pending on community feedback.

We know that improvements on melee combat are also vital to encourage more hosting of events. Throughout this week, we have worked on more back-end changes in preparation for more direct improvements towards this system.

Linebattle Map - Grassy Plains
A new line battle map - ‘Grassy Plains’ is now in the game! This map is the first in a series of line battle maps that we have planned for the game. They feature different terrain elevation, environments and are specifically designed to cater for organised gameplay.

150 Players - Bigger Events!
This is not all we have planned for organised play in this patch. We are now excited to announce that Holdfast: Nations At War supports 150 players per server for the Army based game modes! We’re looking forward to seeing bigger events being hosted. Will we be stopping here? Most definitely not! Work on increasing the player count per server will always be ongoing.

Encouraging Team Play - Round, Team & Officer Chat
The in-game chat has been redesigned to include several chat channels within it. If you’d like to speak to everyone make use of the Round Chat, to send a message over only to your teammates use the Team Chat and more importantly, the Officer Chat is reserved for communication amongst those of command.

To change from one chat channel to another, you can do this very easily by using the ‘Tab’ key. Oh yes, and of course this key is customisable from the key settings.

There are also chat channels specifically dedicated for musicians to coordinate their musical genius in the field of battle and another one for riflemen. We hope that all the chat channels will help with encouraging team play to occur on public servers!

Favourite Servers & Persistent Voice Chat Mute
You can now favourite a server of your choice through the server browser. It’s quite nifty to quickly find the location of your event or training.

Muting someone through voice chat (3D VOIP) will now persist through rounds! This should make your great muting endeavours just a little bit easier.

There have also been other changes than the ones we’ve discussed above of course. Go ahead and read the full changelog down below.

Changelog 8 - Game Version 0.8.6504.412
- Grassy Plains - A new linebattle map! More to come. They’re all specifically designed to cater for organised play.
- The number of Officer spawns has been increased from 6 to 10. We want to encourage more organised play to take place on public servers!
- The chat is now split into multiple channels, the two primary channels being ‘Round’ and ‘Team’.  Players can switch the chat channel using the 'TAB' key (This is adjustable from the Key Settings).
» In addition to the two primary channels, Officers, Riflemen and Musicians also have access to their own class-specific channels. This will help teams coordinate better when conducting and coordinating assaults on the battlefield.
- The Server Browser now allows players to mark their favourite servers to make them easier to locate. Favourited servers are marked with a yellow star, and the Favourites column is clickable for sorting. A new filter in the Filters dropdown also allows players to only show their favourite servers.
- Official and Community tabs have been added to the Server Browser to allow for more specific filtering.
- Server Admins can now kill (Slay), kick or ban players directly from the Round Players window 'P' to allow for easier administration of events.
- Administrators can also input their own message that is displayed to the other player when slaying them. Is someone firing out of line during an event? You can very easily inform them of this!

- Setting a player as VOIP-muted from the Round Players window 'P' is now persistent. This means that once you mute someone, you will need to manually unmute them if you want to hear them speak again. A player will still remain muted even if they disconnect and then reconnect back to the server.
- Voice phrases in chat have been disabled from the game. They're now only visible to server administrators.
- Fixed an issue where the reinforcement’s numbers were not always showing the correct values.
- Fixed an issue with the Server Browser where it would flicker a lot while the server rows were still updating their data.
- Fixed an issue were the Line Infantry Spawn limit on Arendan River (Army Siege) was less when compared to other maps.
- Holdfast: NaW now supports instancing. Players should see a slight increase in performance.
- Optimised the Snow particles. You should see a slight increase in frame rate when this weather affect is on the map.
- Snow particles now follow the camera more smoothly when you move around.
- Disabled water accumulation on the terrain for snow maps.
- Fixed and issue where the snow was falling through the roof inside the windmill on Fort Christina.
- Fixed several floating trees on Fort Christina.
- Fausberg Forest has been renamed to Snowy Plains.
- Fixed an issue where other player's character models would appear on their corpse for a split second when respawning before moving to the new spawn position.
- Fixed an issue where naval captains could not hear their crew's VOIP communication when driving the ship using the third person camera.
- Fixed an issue where the rotation of other players while they are interacting with an object was not always correct.
- Players who are currently dead now appear in red on the Round Players panel 'P'.
- Grassy Plains has been included in the official server map rotation.
- The round timer for the Coastal Siege game mode on the official servers has been increased from 20 to 40 minutes. Defenders now have a total of 300 reinforcements instead of 200.
- Anvil Game Studios Official NA1 - Army Battlefield player capacity has been increased to 150.

Once again, thank you very much for your support! Until next time, may good health be yours.

- Praetorian
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Re: Holdfast: NaW Update - Important notes for event hosters!
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2017, 01:23:06 am »
Useful stuff, thank you!

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Re: Holdfast: NaW Update - Important notes for event hosters!
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2017, 12:49:42 pm »
Very good stuff, thank you