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Rules of Engagement
« on: November 12, 2017, 05:21:58 pm »

Note: Remember that the rules are subject to change, so check this thread from time to time!(We will try to announce changes in time)
Thanks to Praetorian for helping us with the rules.

  • Remember to be respectful towards other clans and players
  • The winner of a battle needs to post the result in the appropriate thread
  • The loser of a battle needs to approve the result
  • In case of disputes, please contact an admin directly and avoid forum discussions

Linebattles will be fought in the best of 3 format, unless it's a
special event battle for which rules will be posted separately.

  • No firing in a charge
  • No firing out of formation
  • No crouching unless in double rank formation
  • No artillery
  • No ramboing
  • If your line falls below 5 players you must join a friendly line (unless last line alive)
  • Skirmishers must attach to and deploy after a line
  • Skirmishers are allowed to crouch and have 3-man spacing
  • Skirmishers must stop firing and move with the line instantly

Skirmishers will be no more than 15% (10% if you lost the skirmish)
 of the total number of players in a team.

Skirmishes will be fought in the best of 3 format.
(Loser gets -5% skirmishers in the following linebattle)

  • All player classes are allowed
  • No artillery

Army Siege will be fought in the best of 3 format.
(Sieges will take place when assaulting a fort)

  • 20 minute timer
  • All player classes are allowed
  • Leaving spawn only in groups of 5+ attackers

Coastal Siege will be fought in the best of 3 format.
(Can only be launched from an adjacent fleet)

  • 20 minute timer
  • Defenders may not use ships

Naval Battles will be fought in the best of 3 format.
(Loser fleet gets pushed back one sea province)

  • 15 minute timer
  • 12-Gun Brigs only (3vs3)

  • Factions take turns attacking every other week while the other faction defends
  • The attacking faction has 4 land attacks and 1 naval attack/move in their turn, unless a special campaign event is taking place (provinces & navies may only attack once per turn)
  • Every province has a base combat width of 40 (the amount of players that can take part in battles)
  • In case of an attack from multiple provinces the attacking side will get +10 combat width for every attacking province
    (for example attacking 5 from 7,8 & 9 would give attackers total combat width of 60 allowing 60 players to fight in the linebattle)
  • Skirmish battles have a base width of 15 with bonus for attackers being +3 combat width from every attacking province
  • Forts have a base combat width of 60 and can only defend and will not have preluding skirmish battles
  • Capital forts have a base combat width of 80
  • Coastal siege battles occur if a fleet attacks a province. You may only invade 1 enemy land province adjacent to a friendly navy that is not in combat that turn.
  • Navies can't move past the Straits of Gibraltar (but can still move IN to it), if the fort in Gibraltar is owned by the enemy faction
    (for example at the start of the campaign the British navy can access the Mediterranean but the French navy is stuck in there)
  • Navies may not attack forts alone but if they support a land attack (fort or province) they will give +10 combat width to the attacker

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