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Popular Suggestions Priority List

+Points for Healing (Surgeon)
10 (11.2%)
A Nerf to Riflemen
9 (10.1%)
Map Voting/Map Skipping
2 (2.2%)
Change Reticule Colour
3 (3.4%)
Independent Musician Volumes
0 (0%)
Increase Size of Compass Bearing
6 (6.7%)
Flag Melee Combat
8 (9%)
Character Customization
25 (28.1%)
Server Queue
3 (3.4%)
Grappling Hooks (Naval)
8 (9%)
Class Limits in Private Servers
5 (5.6%)
Progression System (+Level UP)
10 (11.2%)

Total Members Voted: 89

Author Topic: [POLL] The Community's Popular Suggestions Thread ~ Updated: 18th June  (Read 5139 times)

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I see this hasn't been booped in a while.

I've addressed "Change Reticule Colour" and "Increase Size of Compass Bearing" with mini mods that can be found on our Discord:

You by no means have to stay after you grab the mods, but more mods will be forthcoming soonTM. (I work pretty fast.) :D

These have been given the okay by Refleax as they are client-side only and do not affect the servers or other players in any way. Enjoy!

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Bump. :)

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Re: [POLL] The Community's Popular Suggestions Thread ~ Updated: 18th June
« Reply #62 on: August 01, 2018, 08:04:14 pm »
Popular Suggestion: ags plz update
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Re: [POLL] The Community's Popular Suggestions Thread ~ Updated: 18th June
« Reply #63 on: August 06, 2018, 01:22:29 am »
Bump. Reticule Color still is kinda important imo despite its votes. Would make snow maps for linebattles a lot more intense.
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