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History of the unit, Battle honours and the eagle of Barrosa

The Regiment was raised in Ireland as a response to the Napoleonic crisis in 1793. This war took them around the globe, fighting through Europe, Egypt, South America, West Indies and Canada.  In 1809 both Battalions of the Regiment went to Portugal and took part in the Peninsular War. While the Regiment was serving in Portugal and Spain The Regiment took part in many battles and light engagements throughout their time of service, including the defense of Cadiz, the Battle of Talavera - where the regiment's casualties mounted up to 40%-, The Battle of Vitoria and the Battle of Barrosa where it gained a great honor.

The Capture of the Eagle

This great honour was the envy of all other British Regiments in the Peninsular War. After a attack from the the 2nd Kings Legion Hussars the 8th regiment de Ligne started to retreat to the remainder of the French force, however the 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers gave chase, firing a volley at near point blank range from its double ranked line and this was followed by a devastating Bayonet charge. The Irishmen surged forward with fury in there eyes, 'Faugh A Ballegh!' (Irish Gaelic for Clear the way) went a cry, throughout the ranks it was echoed as the Fusiliers charged ever closer to their foe, the two battalions clashed and the French with low morale didn't stand a chance.

During this engagement a young redcoat officer, Ensign Edward Keogh spotted the eagle and gathered a few men to come with him, including Serjeant Patrick Masterson, who with his spontoon spear was encouraging the fusiliers alike with cry's of "In the belly lads, Come on now in the belly! Lunge! Twist! Recover! show the frogs the steel!" The small group of fusiliers led by Keogh started to fight through the French ranks making their way to where the eagle was being defended. Keogh, ordering the capture of the Eagle charged forward slaying any French man which got in the way of his prize, he came face to face with the French officer carrying the eagle and as he grasped the staff, a young French Soldier aimed at the Ensign and fired, the round pieced the Ensign's heart killing him instantly. He was followed by Sergeant Patrick Masterson who rammed his spontoon killing the French solider responsible, left it in the body of the Frenchman and turned towards the eagle bearer. He grabbed the eagle from the French ensign, giving him a punch in the jaw to make him release. The Serjeant raised the eagle to the sky reputedly with the cry "By Jaysus, boys, I have the Cuckoo!". Every Fusilier in range yelled out in unison "HUZZAH!" and pressed on forward with the attack.

This made the 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers the first ever British Regiment to capture a French Imperial Eagle during the Napoleonic Wars! Serjeant Masterson was promoted to the rank of Ensign, taking over command in the place of Ensign Keogh.

Regimental History:

Sjt Masterson, raising the eagle in the air during the Battle

About the Napoleonic Wars gaming community

The 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers dates back to the days of MM_Prussia_5 This was a mod for Mount & Blade: Warband, which had the dodgy experimental artillery and no Russians or Austrians on the field. Once MM_Russia_3 came out the 29th Horse Artillery was born, one of the finest artillery regiments of the Mount and Musket era! The regiment grew and was reborn as the 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers a few months later due to our growth. We are also found under the same name in the new addition to the Napoleonic wars gaming scene namely Holdfast: Nations at War.

The 87th is a Line Infantry unit which focus on fast paced line formations, crisp volleys and painful bayonet charges. Training's focus on bettering our skills. Discipline is a must in the regiment, the commanding officer will kill you as much as look at you and kick your remains out the door without the blink of an eye, but having fun and of course your real life is also a priority. Our roster is updated regularly and inactive members are kicked out after around a month of not showing up, this means our roster will always show the true numbers of the regiment.

The 87th has a place for you from what ever path of life you lead, from current and ex-serving military members to computer programmers. College students to shop assistants. Reenactors and long boarders to musicians and casual gamers, joining our group will find you friends not just to play Mount & Blade or Napoleonic wars but a variety of games from ArmA: II to Dota 2 or even games like Minecraft and Garry's Mod.

If your interested in joining a disciplined, yet laid back group of individuals, head below to see how you can enlist in the 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers.

Rank Structure - Line Companies
Lieutenant Colonel   LtCol
Major   Maj
Captain   Cpt
Lieutenant   Lt
Ensign   Ens
Serjeant Major   Sjt. Maj.
Colour Serjeant   CSjt
Serjeant   Sjt
Corporal   Cpl
Lance Corporal   LCpl
Kingsmen   Kgm
Fusilier   Fus
Regular   Rgl
Private   Pte
Recruit   Rct

Weekly timings and events

The regiment hosts 2 hours of training, one hour in NW and one hour in Holdfast. The regiment attends 3 events at the moment, 1 in Holdfast and 2 in NW. changes to this schedule are always possible.

Weekly Training: Friday 00:00 GMT/ 19:00 EST-- Training (Holdfast) 
                         Saturday 00:00 GMT / 19:00 EST-- Training (NW)

Weekly Events:       Friday  01:00 GMT / 20:00 EST -- Line Battle (Holdfast event)
                              Saturday  01:00 GMT / 20:00 EST -- Line Battle (NW event)
                              Sundays 01:00 GMT / 20:00 EST -- Siege event (NW Event

Expectations and Rules

All members of the 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers are expected to followed a few ground rules to make the gaming environment fun for all.
1 ) Respect for all members, do not insult others in any way
2 ) Respect for other regiments
3 ) Be relatively active and attend training's when possible
4 ) Do not over talk other people on Team Speak, wait your turn
5 ) Listen to line commanders and all officers, their normally saying something important.
6 ) Conduct yourself in a mature manor.
7 ) Have fun but if your not, talk to someone, were all friends and can cheer you up
8 ) Get drunk on drunk nights. (If you are of age to drink that is!)

How to join

So you fancy taking the kings shilling, wearing his red coats and fighting for him and your fellow countrymen against Napoleon and the people of France?
If so you should enlist today with the 87th Regiment of Foot, otherwise known as the Royal Irish Fusiliers! Join the few that can say "We took the first eagle from the frogs!"

Unsure on how to get in contact?

Its quite simple, just follow all or a number of these 4 simple steps:

1) Send one of the CO's or NCO's  PM on these forums and we will get back to you.
2) Reply below and we will get in contact with you.
3) Go to our website and post an enlistment form there
4) Add one of the following people on steam

87th Royal Irish Fusiliers forming up before the Saturday Linebattle

Roster book of the 87th Regiment of Foot

Captain. Potus
Serjeant Major Hall
Serjeant. Saint
Corporal. Beech
Lance Corporal. Brett
Kingsmen. Dori
Kingsmen. Droid
Kingsmen. Hegeman
Kingsmen. Khard
Kingsmen. Penloth
Kingsmen. Rocker
Kingsmen. Ser Kyle
Kingsmen. Taylor
Fusilier. Josh
Fusilier. Queen
Regular. Hawkeye
Regular. Loiter
Regular. RileyMcmann
Private. Bean
Private. Darian
Private. DavyJones
Private. Dom13WorstNW
Private. Dope
Private. Froggy
Private. GodRod
Private. HelloMoto
Private. Kelley
Private. Malagantz
Private. Moose
Private. Te
Recruit pool
Recruit. Ace
Recruit. BilltheButcher
Recruit. Charles
Recruit. Deeshy
Recruit. Movement
Recruit. NickCole
Recruit. NoBody
Recruit. Nomadium
Recruit. Krettajj
Recruit. William Rod
Recruit. Vanderbogart
Recruit. VetroG
Recruit. Zhalys

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Re: 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers ♦ SIX YEARS OLD ♦ Always Recruiting!! ♦
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87th Royal Irish Fusiliers Regimental Painting

Made by 00th Overlord Thundersnow


Many thanks to Overlord Thundersnow from the 00th Intergalactic Space Regiment

Check out more of his artwork here! Seriously go check it out now....
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Re: 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers ♦ SIX YEARS OLD ♦ Always Recruiting!! ♦
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Good luck sir :D

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Re: 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers ♦ SIX YEARS OLD ♦ Always Recruiting!! ♦
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Good Luck

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Re: 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers ♦ SIX YEARS OLD ♦ Always Recruiting!! ♦
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Good Luck :)

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Good luck friends!

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Best of luck

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Good luck!

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Good luck! :)

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Fág an Bealach is Gaelic, Faugh a Ballagh in the Anglicized version because the English couldnt get the Irish language right

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Good luck

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Good Luck!

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Good luck!