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Author Topic: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications  (Read 3752 times)

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #45 on: December 26, 2018, 10:46:48 pm »
Community Name: KRA | Rifle Major Fathers
Steam Name:Fathers0412
Steam URL:
About Yourself:I have been playing holdfast for a year now (since late December 2017) and thoroughly enjoyed ever minute of it. It was the main reason I brought a PC actually up until this point only having ever played on an XBOX. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the newly formed KRA on the 29th December and am proud to say I have played a significant role in taking it from 30 members to the 920 it has today. Particularly since being a part of the Rifle Company leadership team since January and leading it since March.
In the real world I'm an Optometrist , who swims regularly and also plays French and tenor horn.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: My previous experience in the KRA will certainly help having dealt with conflict between members and being well connected within the wider holdfast community. I have helped to run a concert band in the past organising concerts etc. I am used to being impartial in my work as all patients have to be treated the same regardless of personal feelings and I believe I can easily carry the same mentality into an server administrator role.

I also have previous experience administrating our server during internal linebattles.

I'm very active within holdfast having currently committed 987 hours to the game a significant proportion of these in the public servers.

My work means I work weekends and does mean I'm available on unusual days when others may be working or at school so I believe I can fill gaps where admin cover is scarce.

Previous Experience (if any): Running the Rifle Company of the KRA for 9 months.
Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: No
References (if any):Haybales (KRA), Auha (Blackfish), Admiral Woman Doctor (Blackfish) Italian Turtle (45th), Kieran/Darkslayer (45th)
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #46 on: December 29, 2018, 07:50:17 pm »
Community Name: Kiri

Steam Name: Uzuki-Chan

Steam URL:
Age: 19

Location/Timezone: Asia

About Yourself: 你好. I am from Singapore. I am half Chinese,half Japanese.I speak Chinese and English as my main languages as required in my field of study : Architecture. I got into Holdfast in December 2017 and got involved in the community as of June 2018. I love this community immediately as It offered me friendships and opportunity to prove myself. I am the leader my own regiment,the Asian Exepditionary Corps. The AEC are mainly Asians and have a strict interview process.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I heard from some guys that a Chinese server is being set up by the AGS developers.They need admins who can speak Chinese and English properly to help the community.I love to help back the community who motivated me through the architecture school. I will not be biased because I do decisions with enough proof and evidence.

Previous Experience (if any):Running a regiment

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: Do I need to report every day and quit my own regiment?

References (if any): Women Doctor (Blackfish) CrabbleSnitch (25FK)

Let me know if there is anything else. Love HF, would love to give back to this cool community.
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #47 on: December 30, 2018, 06:28:44 am »
Community Name: [105th] Field Marshal Hippo
Steam Name: The Neon Hippo
Steam URL:
Age: 21
Location/Timezone: California, USA/Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)

About Yourself: My name is Hippo (John). I grew up in California in a lower middle class setting. My primary language is English, and I know a fair amount of Spanish. After graduating high school, I grew very fond of coding. I am currently self-learning python and C# (mainly python) in the hopes of looking for a future career in either robotics, cyber securities, or game design. At the time being, I work full time as an assistant manager in a warehouse. In my spare time I enjoy coding programs and playing games, especially the latter. My favorite animal is a hippo if that was obvious already ;).

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I thoroughly enjoy helping and assisting others as well as maintaining a neutral and fair playing experience for everyone. I dislike being the victim of any form of hacking or breaking ToS for a game as I'm sure many others have. I really like to maintain rules and ensure that everyone is having a great time, especially in such a great and organized game. NaW is such an amazing experience to enjoy with friends or solo, and having that tarnished by someone breaking the rules and ruining your experience is something I aim to prevent. It would be nice to be a part of such a great community in guiding and aiding a better vision for the game. I want everyone to have a great experience!  :D

Previous Experience (if any): I have experience in management at my job, so I am used to having to keep things fair and neutral. I have also been an admin on a couple other games as well. Primarily Minecraft, Discord, and a WoW PS. I believe however, that every admin experience is going to be a bit different, so nothing can be really compared. I just would like you to know that I know what it is to be fair and neutral in situations and what is right according to the rules defined.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: What hours would you require of me to be on serving duty? What do you specifically require me to do while in-game serving duty?

Thank you for reading my application.
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #48 on: December 31, 2018, 01:02:52 am »
Community Name: [45th] Variation of Lenden

Steam Name: Lenden

Steam URL:

Age: 19

Location/Timezone: EST

About Yourself:
       My real name isn't really important, all you gotta know is that I'm a real gamer. I have fun, play games, drink 30 cans of pure caffeine all day, everyday.  8)

In all seriousness though; I am Canadian, I primarily speak English and Polish, I have a sense of humor, but I can be pretty damn serious when I need to. I work a few odd jobs here and there, from cleaning, to grounds keeping. Typically, I don't really do much aside from work and use my PC, sounds sad, but at least I'm not passed out drunk in a ditch.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I believe that I would make a good administrator for a few reasons; First, I was the Major a regiment for a while. Managing a literal regiment might be helpful with managing servers. I have nearly 600 hours in Holdfast, so I know how bad public servers might be during peak times.

Previous Experience (if any): Was Major of the 1st Cornish Militia, Currently one of the highest ranking NCO of the 45th Empress's Dragoons, Unless you consider Admining for Gmod Servers experience, that too.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: Not that I know of, I would probably have questions once I get a position as a server admin.

References (if any): [45th] Maj. Italian Turtle, [45th] Col. Dave, [45th] Kieran (Yeah that Kieran)

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #49 on: January 02, 2019, 01:02:04 am »
Community Name: E|C Jon_Snow

Steam Name: Jon_Snow

Steam URL:

Age: 34

Location/Timezone: West Coast Canada/Pacific

About Yourself: I've been an active member of Holdfast for quite some time now.  I have accumulated 1168 hours to date and am primarily active on public servers.  I am a Helicopter Pilot flying on forest fires in the summer and previous winters have done heli-skiing and have a lot of down time when not working to play Holdfast.   

Previous Experience (if any): No previous experience being an administrator.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator:I thoroughly enjoy this game, however I do believe there is a lack of Admins on public servers.  I'm likely one of the more active players on public and sincerely want to watch this game and community succeed and would appreciate the opportunity to deal with any in game problems when they arise instead of just reporting to current admins and hoping they get on in time to deal with individuals not abiding by the official Holdfast rules.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: Have never been an admin before, however if successful believe I will most definitely have some questions going forward.

References (if any): E|C Coppperfield, E|C Marquis de Lafayette, E|C Dunedain.

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #50 on: January 03, 2019, 01:46:56 pm »
Community Name: |51st|.Gren.Tachang

Steam Name: |51st|.Gren.Tachang

Steam URL:

Age: 17

Location/Timezone: GMT

About Yourself: Currently in first year of sixth form studying for AS Levels. I'm very active on Holdfast and am known by a lot of veterans for melee, I consider myself fairly competitive but understand this is just a game so don't tend to get worked up by it if things go wrong and prefer to make friend rather than enemies.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I really enjoy this game and with over 1000 hours I know the ruleset very well. There have been many instances where people break the rules without an active admin online and I feel I can do more than simply report it or warn them to stop and manage the situation in an unbiased fashion. I'm willing to admin the melee servers as there are often trolls there when no admins are on.
Previous Experience (if any): Admin on the 51st and 45th public melee servers and Austro's Melee discord server. I've admined the PickUps event numerous times which has brought as many as 29 players. I'm also the EU Diplomat for Austro meaning I bring interest for his events to the EU players, take feedback and ensure the tournaments don't clash with other EU events

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: Not as of yet

References (if any): Jamster, Copperfield, CharlieTwoFive, Pounder, Kieran
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #51 on: January 11, 2019, 01:29:05 pm »
Community Name: Wilson
Steam Name: 45th | Wilson
Steam URL:

Age: 20

Location/Timezone: GMT (UTC +1)

About Yourself: Well. to start off with my name is Wilson. I Like talking with people and communicating with them most of my time at work is communicating with the team. Since I work with A Group of people on a development team we get hired by Company's Like Bohemia Interactive and lately 7 of us were send off to Game Studio's

interactive. The Title that I am upholding right now in our Group is Software Engineer. Also, I like to start the day off with some coffee from Lyons

Why you believe you would be a good administrator:  the reason I believe I can be a Good and Upholding Administrator on the Public Servers. Most be a few reasons. I Communicate with people a lot I don't mind taking off some of my time to put out the right message to people or admitting when I As an Administrator did something wrong. And take full responsibility for it in a calm and formal way.

Also when it comes to giving out people punishments for their Bad Behaviour that will always be my Last Result I would try to keep things on Discord or any other Voice Platform Application to make sure the rest of the players Don't get a bad/mad experience when on the server

Could cause some bad reviews of the Game and that's not what I am looking for.

The reason I want to become admin are multiple things but I will only mention one for now. A lovely Human being like Getty needs some more help regarding upholding the rules on a Good basis.

Since let's be honest we do have an admin team but If I am not Wrong Getty is one of the Head Admins or the only one.

So it's no secret I am Aiming for the same role over a Long period of time if I manage to earn it on the way
Previous Experience (if any): Can't say much then being on a Development team is crucial and Information and past Administration on different servers in both NW & HF and Communities around the world but it's one thing Pointing it out in Experience and proving it to you chaps that's it's true and I know what I am doing

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: I Must say the close Contact to the team could be Crucial for me or it Just wouldn't work out. So Communication with the team Maybe weekly meetings or monthly ones could sustain. A Beautiful basis for me.

References (if any): Non-other then I asked Refleax where to post so let's drop him into the Mix.
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #52 on: January 13, 2019, 06:25:54 pm »
Community Name:Marcus Germanicus

Steam Name:Killeo

Steam URL:



About Yourself: I am someone who is goal oriented. I like to have a mindset of what I would like to do for the day because it seems to make me more productive. I have a strong desire to help people since I know that things can be difficult to work or go though.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: First off I would like to note that I am a very hardworking and caring individual, striving to do the best in all that I do, all the while loving it every step of the way. There are many reasons I love staffing, however the main reason is the feedback and how you seem to change while you do so, whether it be respect or a full on perspective shift due to the feedback that you get as a staff, and the feeling when you know that the players appreciate what you do. Being a staff member also allows you to be unbiased towards either side of the argument and possible even changing how you think in the process. Now, regarding this, I have staffed on servers for many games somewhere in the realm of five or six years now, allowing me to hone in my ability to do work for a long period of time while focused, however also allowing me to work quickly and effectively. As a staff I also want to show players respect and have them enjoy their experience on Holdfast, as this benefits a multitude of things, mainly noting a more active player base and players that come to Holdfast simply because they were invited by a friend who enjoyed the game and community.

Previous Experience (if any):
XIV Event Server - A server for my group and me testing out admin commands
Garry's Mod
*Grox Gaming
*Legionnaire Gaming
*Hyper Gaming
*Asurri Gaming
*Epix Gaming Community
*Vault Gaming
*Last Bastion Gaming
Arma 3
*PsiSyn Life
*Trailer Park Wasteland

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: Not at the moment.

References (if any):N/A
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #53 on: February 09, 2019, 04:15:42 am »
Community Name: JesusCrust

Steam Name: [25FK] Jesuscrust

Steam URL:

Age: 21

Location/Timezone: GMT

About Yourself: My name is Connor, i come from Scotland and i've been active on Holdfast for little over a year now as second in command of the 25FreiKorps. I've enjoyed my experience on Holdfast and within the community, i've watched it grow and change over the past year and i would love to give back to the community.

I was a founding member of the 25FK, having been there from the beginning, I've helped crabble grow and expand the 25fk into a decent sized community of like minded people who come together and bond over a specific game. I'm fairly proud of what we've accomplished.

Why you believe you would be a good administrator: I've had over a year of experience within the holdfast community, I've watched it grow and change and id say i understand what would be expected of an administrator and the standard to which they hold themselves as well as i do know whats expected of a regular player. I've also had a fair amount of experience dealing with people, being a part of the hospitality industry i know how to handle people in an unbiased manner.

Previous Experience (if any): 25fk Discord Administration and I've had a few other admin roles on a few other games.

Any questions or concerns you have about administrating?: How would you deal with a language barrier?

References (if any):any 25fk member. Crabblesnitch II [25FK], Phillycheese [96th],

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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Applications
« Reply #54 on: February 15, 2019, 01:10:24 am »
Community Name: lil peep/ peep
Steam Name: tundra peep
Steam URL:
Age: 22
Location/Timezone: NA/EST
About Myself: I am a university student in my last year of my political science undergrad. In the summer and occasionally during the school year I am a bartender (past 3 years, prior to that construction), so depending on my hours I could be awake at any time. Generally, after a shift I relax with a bit of holdfast. I have, currently, just over 400 hours in game. For more personal information DM me.
Why would I be a good administrator: I have experience in an administrator capacity (see below). In addition, I am well versed in conflict resolution thanks to my employment choice. The Holdfast community, while rough around the edges at times, is considerably better than dealing with thousands of drunk people on a nightly basis. Therefore, it is very unlikely I would moderate in an unbiased manner. Furthermore, since I have played holdfast at all hours of the day and am engaged in a variety of extracurricular holdfast activities, I believe that I have a good understanding of what the community is like. Lastly, as previously mentioned I am always awake due to my work, so can be available outside my time zone.

Previous Admin Experience:
-Highest ranking NCO in the 45th Empress Dragoons, rank of Sergeant Major, (discord moderator)
-Corporal-Chef in the 2e, discord admin, private server admin
-WW2 Online, Axis Commander in Chief/Country Commander/Army CO, essentially while also overseeing leading the thousand people who played Axis, I was also a forum, TeamSpeak, discord, website, and in game admin.
-Starcraft II Risk Legacy discord admin (small community of a few hundred people who played an arcade game).
-Squash Referee
-Hockey Referee

Questions: Not at the moment

References: [45th] Maj. Italian Turtle  (For Holdfast related things).
Nr.9 Sdt Peep