June 15, 2019

Public BETA V1. Player-Built Defences

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Here goes another BETA. With hammer in hand, construct defences and turn the tide of battle in your favour! There’s plenty more coming with this update. Have a read of our latest blog post for an insight.


What To Expect? A Brief Rundown

With our focus set on bringing forth more game-play oriented features as we develop our way through Holdfast: Nations At War’s eventual full release, the first version of the update featuring player-built defence is now undergoing its testing phase.


The Sapper is your new go-to class to freely construct a variety of defences on land-based scenarios. Chaveaux de frise, infantry stakes, gabions, sandbags and more. All of which serve to provide cover from enemy fire amongst other purposes. 





Materials also play a role within this new mechanic to restrict the number of constructible defences that can be present at any point in time during a match. Larger constructions such as the chaveauxs deplete more resources than their smaller counterparts. 


Contributing further to the strategical element that this update brings with it, destroying the enemy faction’s emplacements through the use of various artillery pieces, explosives or melee weapons will deplete materials from their pool and bring them into yours. Sappers can then make use of these materials to further solidify your defensive positions.


Speaking of explosives, everyone appreciates a good bang and that’s relatively easily achievable with the new player-constructible explosive barrels. Watch out for enemy fire while carrying these volatile explosives or they’ll be sure to blow you to kingdom come.





Once again, we won’t be going through all the in and outs of the new additions present in this BETA. There are plenty more we haven’t even hinted at in our blog post! If you’re up for a little bit of discovery yourself, you’re most welcome to join us in the BETA. 





Participate In The BETA!

Would you like to have a go at what’s to come? Join us in the BETA! Hop in on our Community Discord to do so. You'll find all the details in the #announcements channel. It’s a great chance for you to provide us with feedback before the update sees a full release and help us make sure that everything is working as intended while you’re at it. 


Everything present in this BETA is still a work in progress and bugs are to be expected. There’s still work going on aimed towards balancing and polishing new functionality. 







Known Issues

- Sometimes you are unable to load into the map due to an exception that occurs on the server. Let us know on Discord if you have issues connecting to the BETA server.

- Sandbags placed atop earthworks don’t get destroyed along with the earthworks.


Once again, thank you for your support and until next time, may good health be yours.


You'll be hearing from us again soon.


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Once again thank you for all of your support from all of us on the Holdfast: NaW team,

- Refleax, Rycon, Dreas, Wrexial, PingPong, Walki, Cameron & Rejenorst

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