September 21, 2019

Update Released. Fixes & Admin Tools

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We’re pushing forward yet another update for Holdfast: Nations At War! Similar to our previous release, you’ll find plenty of bugs being tackled and administrative tools to make use of further facilitating the hosting of community events.


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Changelog 43 - Game Version 0.37.7202.30892


Game Balance

- Players are no longer able to use buildable ammo boxes and rocket stacks to block pathways.

- Player-built ammo boxes and rocket stacks are now destructible.

- Similar to other melee weapons, you will now find yourself killed within a single strike if someone lands a hit on you with a flag while you’re reloading a firearm.

Administrative Tools

- The ‘rc ForceFirstPersonMode’ command now immediately forces players in third-person view to the first-person view.

- Server administrators are now able to parse multiple commands within a single line. The syntax goes as follows. Use a semicolon between commands and don’t repeat the rc parameter.
» You must always log in as an administrator first before issuing a remote command.
» rc <Command 1>;<Command 2>;<Command 3>;... 
» rc broadcast Form a line!; set characterRunSpeed 5

- Server administrators are now able to prevent players from shooting with firearms through an rc command. You’ll certainly find a use for this when a melee all charge is issued during events.
» Keep in mind that rc commands persist through rounds. If a command is enabled in one round it must be manually disabled on the next by setting it to false.
» rc set allowFiring <true or false>
» rc set allowFiring false

- Server administrators are now able to delay the application of a particular rc command to a specific time. For instance, you could set ‘rc delayed 300 broadcast All Charge!’ to kick in at the 5-minute mark followed by a command to prevent players from firing during the charge by issuing ‘rc delayed 300 set allowFiring false’. 
» Keep in mind that rc commands can also be inputted in the server configuration file per map rotation.
» rc delayed <Time To Be Issued> <Command>
» rc delayed 300 broadcast All Charge!
» rc delayed 300 set allowFiring false

Bug Fixes

- Players making use of older AMD cards will no longer be presented with texture-less terrain.

- Players making use of older AMD cards will now correctly render ocean while playing on the Naval Battlefield, Naval Assault or Coastal Siege game modes.

- Solved an issue with audio when player-built or static defences where destroyed. It could be heard from a great distance afar and was otherwise quite loud.

- Experimental fix towards an intermittent issue which causes players to spawn with their hands always pointing towards a carriable object.

- Solved an exception that occurred when a player requested to auto-join a round.

- Solved an issue where the player’s score breakdown overlapped the spectate text.

- Solved an issue where graphics preset would instead show as vsync in the settings.

- Vistula, 92nd, friekorps and musician classes now show their correct medals in game.

- Solved an issue which causes the Top 5 leaderboards to not refresh correctly.

- Solved an issue where players could gather the 'Pomp & Circumstance' achievement without playing as a musician.

- Solved an exception that occurred during the end of round when the leaderboard standing was being displayed.

- Solved an issue with medals showing next to a player’s name becoming blurry when a player selects one of the lower graphical settings.

- Solved an exception that occurred when an administrator slayed another player.

Optimisations & Others

- Conducted multiple server-side optimisations for when players connect to a server.

- Optimised the scoreboard accessed through the ‘Tab’ key.

- Update the ‘Join Custom Server’ panel.



Once again, we thank you for your generous support and as always, may good health be yours.


We’re working on the next update.


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Once again thank you for all of your support from all of us on the Holdfast: NaW team,

- Refleax, Rycon, Dreas, Wrexial, PingPong, Walki, Cameron & Rejenorst

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