June 03, 2020

Game Update. Bug Fixes & Additions

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Holdfast: Nations At War has been updated! In this one, we’ll be releasing quality of life additions for server hosts utilising panels to more easily support modifications, bug fixes and a few new features. Come have a read of our latest blog post for all the details.


Be sure to check out the modding tools from last week’s release if you haven’t done so already.


Game Update - Holdfast SDK V1. Modding Tools


Community. Join The Discord!

Looking for a good bunch of fellows to play with? Do join our Discord. Linebattle events where players are encouraged to play in formations relevant to the Napoleonic era are hosted by the community through the week. Discord is also a great place to stay in touch with the game’s development. Feedback is always greatly welcomed.


If you’re a fellow in the ranks of a regiment, go declare your enlistment. Through this, you can gather access to the ‘Field Camp’ where clan specific discussion ensues. We look forward to seeing you there!









Changelog 53 - Game Version 1.4.7458.30800


New Features
- Introduced a command allowing server administrators to enable shooting on the Melee Arena game mode. Do note that artillery, weapon racks and other interactable objects don’t reset between rounds.
» Input the following command in the server configuration file per map rotation to enable shooting whilst playing the Melee Arena game mode:
» » rc set meleeArenaAllowShooting true or false


Bug Fixes
- Solved an issue with the Game Objective Interactable Object missing interaction timer UI when pressing the hold button.

- Solved an issue with the Game Objective Interactable Object were the configured hold timer was not functioning as intended if the object was placed on a map through the Holdfast SDK.

- Solved an issue with the Game Objective Interactable Object ending the round twice.

- Solved another instance which caused players to get stuck on map load when switching from the Naval Assault to the Coastal Siege game mode.

- Solved an issue where the main menu user interface would disappear if a server shuts down while you’re downloading modifications then attempt to connect to it.

- Solved an issue with rock props being no longer present on Lamarsh Fen.

- Attempted fixed towards an infrequent issue which causes recurring kills to appear in the kill feed.

- Solved an issue with mortars, rockets and shrapnel from round shot dealing less damage than intended. This was only present whilst playing the hardcore game type.

- Solved an issue with several lake props placed through the Holdfast SDK appearing in white.

- Solved an issue with one of the door props placed through the Holdfast SDK flipping endlessly when interacted with.

- Solved an issue with Coastal Siege not working as intended when loading the game mode using a modded map.

- Solved an issue with the ocean being invisible when building a naval scene using the scene creator.

- Solved an issue with the Rocketeer’s scabbard appearing incorrectly.

- Solved an issue with the French Captain’s head being detached from his shoulder. The poor fellow has already seen enough of that during the revolution.


Server Administration
- Introduced new functionality allowing server providers to side-load modifications. These new commands can also be set to prevent the game server from automatically downloading modifications through the Holdfast Workshop prior to launching.
» Input the following command prior to launching a server to prevent the game server from downloading modifications through the Holdfast Workshop.
» » -no-workshop
» Input the following command prior to launching a server to define a path where the side-loaded modifications are to be placed.
» » -sideloadModDataPath <File Path>



We cannot wait to show you what's next in store for Holdfast: Nations At War! Stay tuned for yet another major update to follow after this release.


Once again, we thank you for your support and until next time, may good health be yours.


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Once again thank you for all of your support from all of us on the Holdfast: NaW team,

- Refleax, Rycon, Dreas, Wrexial, Walki, Cameron, Jackson, Rejenorst & Harper

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