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Title: Some Ideas
Post by: Ghostmaker on October 06, 2017, 11:27:25 pm
Great work gentlemen!
I've played quite a few hours on Steam so far and I had some ideas.

1.  Reload speed:
While moving, make reloads slower.
While in formation, standing or crouched near an officer, buff the speed.
2.  Flag:  rather than having the flag soldier camp, make a button that makes the actively wave the flag to get the buff.
3.  Musicians:  Make different songs give different buffs:  marching speed bonus, accuracy, heartiness, retreat which would give bonuses to being shot in the back while running away.
4.  Formation bonuses:  Firing with a soldier beside you could buff 10% accuracy, between 2 soldiers 20%, within 20ft of an officer 5%.
5.  Have a commander class.  Points are given if officers complete objectives set by commanders.  Have the commander play from a map where they could set certain objectives.
6.  Cannoneer:  A class that gets a sword only but, gets a reticle to aim cannons and a buff to aim speed.
7.  Voting for players of the game.  Take the top 10 players of a match (5 from each side) and allow players to vote for the best 3.  The reward would be a slight buff to movement speed, accuracy, or leadership based on the class they played. 
8.  Logistics:  Make a class that acts as a quarter master.  Limit ammo per soldier to 10 shots.  Have the quarter master deliver ammo and bandages to line troops via a crate system.  The longer the quarter master stays alive and continues to drop ammo, give the ammo accuracy or damage bonuses at random.
9.  Capture points:  right now, there's no real reason to work together as lines are constantly broken and soldiers scatter.  With 3 objective locations per map, there would be a higher level of teamwork.
10.  Gunpowder in rain:  During rain maps, make powder offer get wet(every other shot or random) it would make for some tense moments of melee combat.

Just some ideas off the top of my head.
Thank you for the wonderful game!