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Title: Support Class Discussion Thread
Post by: Saga on March 26, 2018, 07:56:58 pm
The purpose of this thread is to discuss current and potential support classes, their roles and their balance. ex. Surgeons, Carpenters, Musicians, Sappers, Ammo Bearers, etc.

Current Classes
The current line up includes a number of support roles that function on the battlefield, these include the surgeon, carpenter, flag bearer, and musicians.



Flag Bearer


Future Classes
These are classes that can reasonably be added in the future of the game.


Ammo Bearer Class

Artillery Class

Will be adding points to the list, feel free to dispute existing points or suggest your own in the comments.
Title: Re: Support Class Discussion Thread
Post by: Jean-Baptiste on March 26, 2018, 09:13:35 pm
Would make the argument that the Officer class should be added to this list, as it is effectively a support class.

Officer is identical to Surgeon with the exception of healing.
Title: Re: Support Class Discussion Thread
Post by: Haybales on March 26, 2018, 09:57:44 pm

Just give them points for healing! I'm not sure about any mechanic to "resurrect" people, don't really think it suits the era or general feel of the game right now.

  • The carpenter needs to be a naval unit that can repair ships.
  • Should be replaced with a Sapper in land based modes. (I swear this was shown in a dev blog somewhere)

Yep. They're moving to Naval, I'd imagine!

Sappers are confirmed in the development roadmap, see here for more information ( They should work awesome as Combat Engineers.

Implied abilities of the Sappers:

"Reinforce Doors - Engineers can reinforce doors to increase their resistance to damage.
Repair- The sapper will also be able to repair destroyed artillery pieces, player built defences and other objects on the map.
Explosive Barrel - Engineers can construct and carry explosive barrels underneath fortifications to create breaches. Explosives can also be used to destroy bridges.
Gabions - Engineers can construct wickerwork defences filled with earth to provide cover.
Shooting Platform -  Engineers can construct platforms to allow players to shoot above cover such as walls.
Chevaux de frise - Engineers can construct chevaux de frise which damage cavalry if they touch them.
Infantry Spikes - Engineers can construct spikes which damage infantry if they touch them.
Chairs - Engineers can construct chairs because chairs are nice.

Flag Bearer
Perhaps the health buff should only apply to shooting damage?[/li][/list]

This. ^

Alternatively, have them function as musical instruments do - a purely cosmetic object, that can be put away to draw a saber for melee combat.


Already confirmed to have different buffs are some point, see here for more! ( They're actually played quite a lot right now, which surprises me personally but when this change comes - we'll likely see them used more (especially for reload speed).

  • Should replace carpenter on land based maps.
  • Should be able to build defenses like sand bags etc.
  • Lots of demand for a class capable of repairing cannons. This is the one.

See above! Hyped for the Sapper. :)

Ammo Bearer Class
  • Assuming objective based game-modes keep players alive longer, there needs to be a class capable of resupplying them with med's and ammo.
  • Post cavalry update it would be nice to see a horse cart implemented for this role.

This would be incredibly awesome. Either a dedicated class for logistics, or just have the Sapper's fill this role (ammo capacity, really). If this class was implemented into Official servers, I would definitely like to see the ammo reduced for all classes - to make this class relevant.

Artillery Class
  • Capable of spawning in movable cannons.
  • Has the tools necessary to operate a cannon. (i.e Ramrod etc.)
  • Would require the implementation cavalry to move the cannons with horses, but movable cannons with a pushing mechanic would also be grand.

I can see this being a huge problem if trolls grab them. It's annoying enough when 1 of 6 riflemen is using the cannon, imagine is someone AFK's with 1 of 3 Artillerist slots.[/list]