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Title: [Naval Siege] Number of spot for each spawn boat
Post by: Lecourbe on April 10, 2018, 02:45:44 am

I think that the spawn mechanics are really well made for a public server, but when you're playing on a "private event", with your own friends/clan, you can't really organise it without having problems due to a spawn limit.

For exemple, when a clan is attacking during a naval siege, it can't really organise who goes on which ship, etc, and other clans too, so it means that every regiments have to split on different boats... x)

I would like to see the option to play the map with the possibility to improve the number of spawn slots for each boats (If it's 10, it can be 15 or 20. The boat is here only to bring the men on the beach, not for being used, so it shoudn't be a problem to see 20 guys on a small-medium boat ^^)