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Title: Forum Rules and Guidelines
Post by: Bluehawk on February 02, 2017, 08:43:18 pm
Forum Rules

The following is a list of actions which will not be tolerated within our forums. This is in an effort to keep the forum a welcoming home for our community.

Insults and Personal Attacks
Personal attacks on forum users and moderators of any kind will not be tolerated and posts made in an obvious attempt to insult and or stir up bad feeling will be moderated. Keep it clean and fun!

Excessive Swearing
While moderators may deal leniently with less offensive words, provided they are used in a non-offensive context; certain words, along with their use and context will not be tolerated within the forum. Anvil Game Studios believes users are smart enough to structure their language so as not to be overly reliant on language that is construed to provoke, insult, anger or offend. Wit and humor are appreciated, aggression is not.

Derogatory or Discriminatory Remarks
Hatred of any sort is not acceptable. If you make a post; keep in mind that this community contains people from all around the world.

Making unnecessary posts with no valuable content will be regarded as breaking the forum rules and moderated accordingly. We would also appreciate it if you edited a post rather than double posting, its easier to moderate. Keep the content interesting so everyone enjoys the read!

Copyright Infringement
We do not tolerate piracy. Anything connected to piracy, cracks, hacks, serial key generators or any other sort of copyright infringement is illegal, regardless of whether you do it directly or indirectly. If you wish to use someone else's work, you will need to get their written permission first, preferably alongside some form of proof that you have it. This is to protect both our company and community, so please take care!

Inappropriate Content
Everyone can access this forum, therefore content intended only for adults will be removed. Again, keep it clean guys!

Posting Private Conversations or Personal Images Without Permission
This is a serious breach of personal information which isn't accepted on our forums. Sort your disagreements out with interpretive dance instead!

No Alternative Personal Accounts
There should only be one active account per person with the exception of crew or regimental group accounts. There is no need for subterfuge guys, we aren't here to steal your sheep!

Regimental Name Disputes
Regimental and naval crew names in the Holdfast community are claimed on a "first come, first serve" basis. When two regiments are in dispute over a common name, the unit which has established itself first on the forum has precedence. Older threads on the Taleworlds or Flying Squirrel Entertainment forums for those units migrating from the "Napoleonic Wars" DLC for Mount and Blade: Warband do not apply here. Only one regiment may be claimed by a single user.

Regiment Inactivity
Regiments with no activity on their thread for two (2) weeks can be considered inactive. An inactive regiment which does not reply to a global moderator's private message within a week will have its name up for grabs by younger or later units.

Multiple Accounts
Users are limited to one account per person with the exception of regimental accounts which units find convenient for multiple officers to maintain their threads. Users creating multiple non-regimental accounts, trying to claim multiple regiments simultaneously or trying to claim a regimental account for a regiment to which they do not belong are offences subject to a ban.

Forum Guidelines

Guidelines For Posting
Don't Necro Old Threads
Please do not raise old threads from the dead unless new events have arisen or new information has been brought to light that pertains directly to the subject matter of the thread. Use 30 days as a guide to determine whether a thread is too old to revive. Necromancy happens to be frowned upon in most societies and we have a declaration from the Arch Mage himself that any caught doing so should be summarily beaten to sleep with words.

Keep Private Banter To Private Messages
Please do not create threads merely for the purposes of a shout out to friends.

Don't Use Internet Slang
Please do not use internet abbreviations to create posts or threads which others may not be able to comprehend.

Don't Create Topics That Already Exist
Please do not create topics that cover a subject which is already covered in another thread. Use the search function when in doubt.

Don't Make Posts On Behalf Of A Banned Or Muted User
It defeats the purpose of a ban or mute and may result in further action by moderators against the party doing the posting on behalf of said individual.

Driving A Thread Off-Topic
Should your posts deviate from all relevant or recognizable discussion branches within a thread, your posts will be considered as being "Off-Topic" (that is, irrelevant to the thread's intended purpose or discussion). If you have an idea, make a new thread.

Guidelines For Reporting
How To Appeal A Forum Moderator’s Decision
Contact a Senior Global Moderator but do so in a fashion that seeks to solve the problem in a peaceable manner. Our moderators are lovely chaps so please don't mess them about.

Please Exercise Patience
When posting requests, or questions to moderators then please be patient while waiting for a response. We have a small team but we will get to you.


The administration team reserves the right to administer its own forums as it sees fit. While we appreciate your feedback and understand that decisions are sometimes taken which do not reflect your own desired outcomes; we have a responsibility to our community and its own welfare as a whole instead of just to the desires of the individual.

Enjoy your stay on the forum!