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Title: Oceanic Events
Post by: Truth on February 11, 2017, 08:56:55 am
( Oceanic Event Roster

Oceanic Event Roster
Click spoiler to view event schedule.


This is so that people can see when events are on, also to help avoid clashing events. If you would like to talk
about it more please feel free to add me on steam. Truth.  (

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[b]- Day of the Week[/b] :
[b]- Time[/b] :
[b]- Game Mode[/b] :
[b]- Event Name[/b] :
[b]- Thread Link[/b] :
[b]- AU[/b] :

Info will be updated more.

Special Thanks to Dainyel, Death by EMP, SeanBeansShako and NickyJ for maintaining the previous threads on FSE.
Also thanks to blaze for doing EU/NA roster on Holdfast.

Title: Re: Oceanic Events
Post by: MitchellAU on September 12, 2017, 12:12:43 pm
- Day of the Week : Friday
- Time : 7pmAEST / 9pmNZT
- Game Mode : Army Assault mainly
- Event Name : (Bayonet Gaming - Friday Event) - WIP
- Thread Link :
- AU : Yes.