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Excited for the 1v1!  8) 8)
Great attendance tonight Glad to see the Guard company back!

You guys are the: 's

Keep on keepin' on 51st <3
we demand fish AI

ok added to poll

Also, what is this thread.

in all update developers add new animals [last been frogmans.. before we got king sized rats]
you can vote which new animal you want see next
or offer animal what you want for voting
Forum Games / Re: The Counting Game
« Last post by Silver on Today at 12:20:59 pm »
Forum Games / Re: What this word reminds you?
« Last post by Silver on Today at 12:20:21 pm »
I love the people of the sea. Always have, always will! *pukes*

Good luck 57e  8)
Game Discussion / Re: Black Soldier Avatars
« Last post by Irregular Alcoholic on Today at 10:58:54 am »
Anything new for characters is not a priority atm, however yes it'd work for France and Britain for both the land units, coastal, and naval. Loads of colonial examples, especially.

Check this out

Black and White reg from the Naplese army.

yes im think developers hurt all peopes and some animals - they just not hurt white mans with out beards and mustaches
is it nazi game?
or skin head game?
do you remember that photo of skin head persons in studeo!

ok lets starts: im a afroasian woman with small mustaches [im love all my hairs in all my body parts] aND IM REALY INJURED !
game still not have any woman not have any african or asian peoples and have no hairs even on face

and siriosly - devs wtf you doing? swiming in rivers in full unifor with gun powder and etc [powder become wet and not sure its too fun swim in napoleonic period unoform]

when we got normal update? fixind for example aiming from 1st face view or mele or horses or customisation or new faction?????
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