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It's Tuesday my dudes
Tournaments & Events / Re: NA HFNWL [Season 2] Season in Progress
« Last post by Starblazer on May 26, 2020, 07:03:27 am »
Predictions are available to create on challonge here:
All previous predictions have been cleared. Please create your prediction titles with the following format:

Code: [Select]
Regiment Name, Name | Discord Name
Ex: 63e Starblazer | 63e Starblazer#8186
Ex: TRR SpitFire | SpitFire#2697

If there is a solo winner, they will receive a 10$ steam card.
If there are multiple winners, a random selection will be made for a few of them (# of winners TBD) will receive 5$ steam cards. Predictions will close by the first finals match.

Predictions not following the format will not be eligible to receive prize money. Limit one entry per player.
Suggestions & Feedback / Faction-Specific Classes (Current and Future)
« Last post by NobleNerd on May 26, 2020, 04:09:07 am »
Entirely up for discussion, especially since I'm short on ideas for some faction units. I just had a few brainstorms that would help set nations apart from each other, some for existing factions and others that we'll probably be getting in the future.

Militia armed with a smoothbore musket and a pike. Pikes were a rarity among militaries in this time period, but were used frequently by these Russian troops.

Lance-wielding cavalry. Their lances give them better forward melee reach at the cost of side-to-side melee capabilities.

Air Rifleman
On rare occasions, Austrian specialists made use of Girandoni repeating air rifles. They were not widely used due to the complicated logistics of keeping the rifles pressurized. In-game, air riflemen would have an unparalleled rate of fire but a very limited ammo pool to simulate the inconvenient logistics.

Janissary Grenadier
Ottoman Empire
While all factions have access to an elite "Grenadier" assault class, Ottoman Janissary Grenadiers are unique due to their more literal interpretation of the title; they actually carry grenades. Grenades in-game would produce relatively small blasts and would almost never be able to kill full-health enemies, but they would be an exceptionally useful tool in softening up a stubborn enemy line.

Ottoman Empire
Tribal militiamen of questionable sanity that excel with the use of swords, which is fortunate since it's the only weapon type they have besides their fists. Combines the speed bonus of Light Infantry with the HP bonus of Grenadiers.

Camel Rider
Ottoman Empire
Unique form of cavalry, striking a balance between the use of swords and carbines. Camels frighten horses and cannot be stolen by horse-riding cavalrymen.

Still need ideas for Britain, Prussia, and France...
Crews & Regiments (Clans) / Re: The 19te Prussian Infantry - Est. 2011 [NA/EU]
« Last post by Silver on May 25, 2020, 05:34:05 pm »
Name under which you were banned: human races
Which official server(s) are you banned from? eg Anvil Gaming Studios Official NA1 - Army Battlefield:idk
What was happening when you got banned: sapper trolling
Did you break any other rules prior to your ban? (this may include any prior bans, or any other rules you were or were not punished for): sapper trolling in past
Time and date when the account was banned: may 7th 7pm ish
Timezone: chicago
Steam profile link (This must be provided so that administrators can easily identify your in game profile for potential unbanning):
Which Administrator banned you? (If you know): no
Why should you be unbanned?: i learned my lesson and wanna play the game again its only game ive enjoyed i wont play as sapper class anymore
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