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Santa Ana's Naval Battle
« on: November 22, 2017, 08:56:08 pm »

¡JSC Army is proud to present this Friday Linebattle Event!

  • Day: Sunday
  • Time: 19:00 GMT + 1 (18:00 GMT)
  • Server Name: Santa_Ana_Event
  • You will receive the Password via TeamSpeak at 18:30 GMT + 1 (17:30 GMT).

  • Teams will be share in ships. Each ship will be ruled only by one regiment at once. Do not spawn on a boat designated to another regiment. If you spawn in a ship full of people of another regiment, simply spawn again in another one
  • Insults or badwords in chat/voicechat is totally forbidden
  • Do not intentionally ram  into or damage friendly vessels
  • No TK
  • No Rambo
  • No Troll
  • OA Allowed
  • Keep the chat clear. Chat is only for Officers when needed
  • All members must wear the TAG of his regiment, otherwise they will be kicked from the server.
  • In order to make the event more historical as possible, when a ship is sunk, the Survivor boats must head directly to a friendly ship. Probably, they won’t have enough spawns for such an amount of crew, so, try to go with the Surviving boats to a friendly ship. Friendly nearby ships must help them and let them get into the ship as possible.
  • It is totally FORBIDDEN to shoot Survivors on boats with cannons and swivel guns. If they get closer or attempt to take an enemy ship, they are eligible to be shooted upon, but only with small firearms, like Musket and Pistols.

    Is the Naval Law, and Human Law to help survivors on the sea. Deaths in battle are allowed to respawn in another ships.
    EXCEPTION: in case of having more ships than regiments, the first regiment to loose the ship may respawn in another new. When there are not more ships left on the team, take the same procedure as above