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Spawning - map editor / score board
« on: September 17, 2017, 08:11:17 am »
I would like to ask, if there will be a possibility to choose units spawn.

I mean if i can choose different spawns for rifles, marines / sailors and etc.   In NW we could just edits spawns but it did not differentiate between units. Cav, line, arty just spawns there.

But if i create a training map i would like to choose marines and sailors to spawn near docks, cavalry on the plain........nothing pisses me more when an artillery member is running an hour for ther cannons from collective spawn.  :D

At least it would make me happy. :) And I think it would not be that difficult to program as another suggestions? :)

And i saw some videos from Pixelated Appolo and etc. and i think if would be nice, if we can see people in general / people alive - dead. :) on the score board.  Just for clarity and convenience. :D

PS: English is not my native language. ^^
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