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Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Game Server Ruleset
« on: September 21, 2017, 03:39:59 pm »
Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Server Rules
Please make sure to adhere to the following ruleset whilst playing on any official server. Violating the following rules may have you reprimanded, removed from the official servers temporarily, or removed from the official servers permanently.
1. Do not direct foul language at other players; this includes but is not limited to profanity, racial or ethnic slurs and sexist comments. Similarly do not engage in arguments with fellow players; conduct yourself decently or you will be removed. You may also be asked to change your name in the pursuit of this rule at the discretion of the admin.
2. Do not intentionally wound or kill members of your own team, their ships, or their strongholds. Do keep in mind that accidents may happen and avoid engaging in reprisal attacks.
3. Do not harass or argue with admins; Admins have the final decision on the server. In the event that you are unhappy with an admins behaviour or ruling on a matter, please take a record and appeal to a member of the official admin on the forums.
4. Do not impersonate any other individual or group. Doing so will be treated harshly, regardless of intention or excuse.  This includes impersonating in the chat.
5. A regiment may advertise once per five minutes on server. This limit is counted by regiment and not by individual player, so having multiple members post advertisements sequentially within the five minute period is still considered spam. This applies to advertisements, both general and individual. This also includes messages for an entire group such as an army etc.  Other media such as YouTube channels, Twitch, accounts, Facebook pages and so on, are included in this rule.
6. Do not delay the rounds. This includes purposely manoeuvring your ship away from the battlefield in order to prolong the engagement.
7. Players are expected to conduct themselves in the spirit of the game, namely to engage and defeat the enemy.  Players not conducting themselves as such, for example by harassing teammates, will be removed.
8. Any action that warrants unfair game-play is not permitted such as exploiting glitches, hacking or cheating. Violating this rule will result in a permanent ban which will not be revoked.
9. The in-game chat is for purposes related to the game such as working with teammates, recruiting for regiments or hearing admin decisions. Discussions of political matters, lengthy debates and personal correspondence should be taken elsewhere.

10. As we are unable to moderate in other languages, please keep non-English chat to a minimum.

11. Preset artillery pieces operate on the principle of ‘first come, first serve’. The player that reaches a piece first then ‘owns’ that piece for the duration of their life, but must yield to another player, if any, on their death.
12. Ship artillery pieces operate on the same principle as preset artillery pieces. Similarly the ships wheel is the purview of the player holding the Captain class and whilst other players may operate the ships wheel, they may be replaced by the Captain at his discretion.
These set of rules can be amended without prior notice, rules must be followed on all official servers and may be used for private servers.
- The Anvil Game Studios Team
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Re: Holdfast: Nations At War - Official Game Server Ruleset
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