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Author Topic: Making the game more attractive for more (casual) players: General class & VOIP  (Read 949 times)

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I've been playing Holdfast for some time since it launched on Steam. The game is great as it is scratching a niche itch. I see a lot of potential and room to make it even better.

One thing that has me worrying though and that concern I want to share as a suggestion: maintaining a wide enough playerbase.

The thing is that currently you need to join a regiment with a separate TeamSpeak to be able to really enjoy the game and experience some epic moments. I for one, unfortunately, don't have the time to join a regiment. My gaming time is just too limited for such an investment. But that doesn't mean that when I play, I wouldn't want to experience true cooperative play. The opposite is true.

My suggestion to make sure you can address an as broad as possible playerbase is twofold: staggered VOIP & a General class.
  • Games like Squad and Blackwake (also Unity games) features 3 levels of VOIP. In Holdfast we could imagine, for example, a channel for the officers to communicate with their men, a channel for all officers to coordinate among themselves and a channel level for a "General" to orchestrate the entire battle. Having such native VOIP levels would stimulate cooperation also among more casual players. This hierarchy would also have to be visible in the spawn screen.
  • Holdfast would greatly benefit from a "General" or "Admiral" class. My inspiration for this class comes from Mount&Blade: Warband and Battlefield 2. All player should vote for the player they want to promote to that role at the beginning of a match. The general can summon an overview map of the battlefield which shows all friendly units and the enemy units that have been spotted. Using his dedicated VOIP level he can then orders certain officers and his men to go attack or defend certain areas. Coordinate battles equal more epic moments for everyone

TL;DR: To appeal to more players and to make Holdfast a more interesting game for non-regiment gamers, a staggered in-game VOIP system (e.g. per 'squad' as in Battlefield) and a new General class that can order all squads around would be a very welcome addition.

My two cents

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Obviously its not the same for you but the first thing I did after about 5 minutes of playtime was turn off VOIP because of the cancer that is people yelling Allahu Akbar and Heil Hitler and other screeching, this isnt something limited to just Holdfast, I have experienced similar in games like Rising Storm 2 etc. So while I understand where your coming from, from my point of view its an almost useless feature. Similarly my regiment (its Australia so this isnt a recruitment message) lets anyone come or go whenever they want, no strings attached, obviously you cant progress through the ranks but you can certainly just jump on ts if your playing for an hour a week or whatever and join us if we are doing an LB or playing a random game.

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Sadly we all saw this coming with VOIP and with every new game you'll get a wave of toxic or bored players following the tail coats of their youtube suggested video list, it happens with every multiplayer game.

I am hoping the developers will look into several admin options to tweak VOIP from restricting it to classes to make it very easy to either mute players on the server or put in some sort of timer.

The best people can do is snag people up in good solid regiments and try and get some good casual servers going you can manage and police for the time being when the server admin tools come in. I would strongly suggest to anyone new who you want to get into the setting or game to mute the thing in their first visit to the options list and only use it for stable well moderated events for the time being.