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Unit types
« on: September 22, 2017, 12:10:20 pm »
I have seen while selecting the units they were subdivided by type (line inf, light, rifleman, etc.). Should there be a deeper system like "I choose line infantry then I pick the line infrantry regiment/battalion/company I want" (a deeper menu) ?

For example, with the French Empire when selecting line infantry would be nice to have differents NAMED regiments instead of simply "Line infrantry", maybe 54th, 45th and more if they add them to the game.

I find this a better solution, I'd love to see real regiments name in-game and not just the unit type name.

Also, but there should be an historical discussion about this, (I'm not too prepared to tell you what is 100% historical and what is not), could be nice to see the "companies" option for regiment, so players communities of the same regiment can subdivide themself into companies and don't have to pick the same or different unit (when they are too many for a single battle formation).
(I think for the french line infrantry the difference between companies were the ponpons colour)


Also should be nice to see the french empire with chasseurs, carabiniers, (and optionally "rifleman" as it is now? Didn't know of french riflemen until now, maybe some foreign regiments) reflecting better the army composition. Tell me if I'm wrong.
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