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Author Topic: Team killers and the lack of punishment /Voice and shout spam (Some suggestions)  (Read 810 times)

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- People spaming the (V) menu making a shout fest- can be fun but also annoying sometimes (maybe add a cooldown from 5 frases to 2).
-People abusing the microphone ( lack of a mute button).
-Team killers and the lack of punishment (I will explain how to deal with the TKrs bellow)
--- Enable Autokick in the servers (The players that kill 2-3 friendlys will be banned for a period of time).
---Enable Votekick poll( make kick pool voting with a 5 minutes cooldown to avoid spam of votekicking polls).
---Teammates shooting at your boat will also receive a negative score equal to the damage given.
---Teammates with negative score that team killed or damaged a friendly ship will be denied prioriy of spwan over people that didn't team kill or made any sort of damage to friendly's.

This is my idea if you have different ideas feel free to share ;)

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Good points you got there