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Author Topic: A Suggestion letter from CN FeX community  (Read 1527 times)

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A Suggestion letter from CN FeX community
« on: September 27, 2017, 11:25:21 am »
Author: Shuai帅, Translation: St. George圣乔治, Correction: FeX_Xcd 胡子

To Dear Andrew:
I was attracted by HF when its trailer released, thus I added it to my Steam wish list. Several days ago, my friend FeX_Xcd told me that he is cooperating with the developer and asked for my advice. He said that if I treat it seriously, I would be treated seriously, even if my advice could be a lot to read. Therefore I trust you as I trust him and here my advice below.

1.I heard that it would be French and Royal Navy only at the beginning, other countries will be added into the game in future. I think France and the United Kingdom is enough for naval battle since others did not have something that can be called as navy. So, why just leave them be and focus on France and UK.

2.What I mean is to make them different. Although Britannia rules the waves, that’s not because French ships were not equal to British. On the contrary, French ships were more advanced than British.

French pound is heavier than English pound, and therefore calibre of French cannon was larger than British cannon with the same pounds. The calibre of French 12 pounds cannon was about 121mm, while British 12 pounds cannon had just 117mm, French 8 pounds cannon had the same calibre, 106mm, as British 9 pound cannon.

When using the cannon, the French focus on accuracy, while the British focus on reloading speed. As for the martial, British had better wood and that’s why their ships were firmer.

In order to reflex that in game, French ships should sail faster and equip with more accurate and destructive guns, while British ships would be firm and stable with the increased rate of fire.

I hope the difference of their ships between Franc and UK can be shown in the game. And one faction can only choose the ship of their own faction, and gun‘s damage depends on its calibre.

B. Army
Mount & Blade is melee combat game, not quite a good place for musket–based shooter franchise.
1. The aim for 1st person should have no aiming circle which is similar to the picture below 

2. Artillery in Napoleonic Wars is very nice, the ricochet effect of round shot is the marvel. However, its operating procedure is not so well. In The Deluge, a mod for Mount & Blade: Warband, one must stand in front of the cannon to reload the cannon, after all its muzzle-loaded gun. And one must exit the aiming stance to fire, while players can only fire when aiming in NW. Standing right behind the cannon when firing could be killed by shockwave.

Then all troops can use artillery however the arty class can have the aiming cross.

3. Bayonet of the musket is fixed on the muzzle and can’t be removed in NW. I think it should be able to install and remove like other MOD for Warband such as North & South and Iron & Blood.

4.Blocking should be using the front of the musket rather than the middle of it. Keep the bayonet facing the enemy to maintain threat. So I suggest changing the movement of blocking.

This is the proper way to block bayonet attack which is more effective than MB.
So I would suggest changing bayonet, lance and pike melee block movement so that the edges of the blade always face towards the enemy.

5.In NW, only lancers can launch charge attack. But actually, saber can also be used for charge attack on horseback.


6.I want more classes for each kind of specialized class.
NCO of Russian and French light infantry equip with a rifle.

7. I think each faction should have its own characteristics.
British Army should be excelled in melee combat, shooting, reloading and all aspect

Russia was good at shooting actually, but their guns really trash. So they should have slowest reload speed, high melee damage but not very fast, and their accuracy slightly below the British

French should have faster movement and attack speed.
Prussian would have fastest reload speed but damned accuracy.

Austrian could be completely balanced and maybe they could have air rifle sniper.

British cavalry was quite good for individual and equipped with good horses, they shall have faster attack speed and reliable horses, higher HP.
French cavalry should have slower attack speed, lower horse’s HP, and good accuracy for they didn’t have good horses or good at melee combat but quite like shooting.
Don’t forget to bring us the Unicorn howitzer, that’s a marvel weapon!

Thank you for the reading
Best regards

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Re: A Suggestion letter from CN FeX community
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2017, 01:11:32 pm »
Good read,although I wouldn't recommend changing the stats of the ships or units or changing the blocks, it would make players go for one side to maintain their advantage and result in arguments.

For the blocks I would say yes, that adds realism, but it wouldn't be effective with this block system in-game.

The rest I happily agree with, still think tho that the factions come later, melee first.

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Re: A Suggestion letter from CN FeX community
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2017, 01:22:48 pm »
I like it, as long as its balanced, just a different play style for each faction so that when you change faction it doesnt feel like it's just a reskin, have to adjust your tactics based on your faction, its a really good idea! I'm pretty sure the French didn't use rifles so not sure what you mean when you say give the French NCO's rifles and from a historical perspective I don't if what you claim as being the strengths and weaknesses for every faction is true, but I like the idea!

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Re: A Suggestion letter from CN FeX community
« Reply #3 on: September 27, 2017, 02:40:32 pm »
The Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch navies were some of the best in the world, and it would be a shame if they weren't added. Also surely British ships would be faster due to them copper sheathing their entire fleet. I don't see why French ships would be faster (while I do know that the French, Spanish etc. did use coppering, I don't know if they used it was widespread as in the Royal Navy).
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