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Admin RC Commands - Suggestions
« on: September 23, 2017, 09:00:52 pm »
    Hello developers and players,

    Currently it is very hard to do a proper job of administrating on servers during public play and events. Admins are currently very limited in their abilities to punish and find specific players in admin or free cam mode so they can punish them. Even if they find who that are looking for, we only have the choice to kick and ban, which in most admin eyes are severe punishments for players who have committed minor infractions, such as firing out of line in an event or ramboing. Here are some suggestions, that in my eyes help admins do their jobs more efficiently.

    • The ability to slay somebody. This will certainly help administrate events and public servers as most people only commit minor infractions, which kicking/banning said player is not a acceptable punishment.
    • The ability to force spectate a certain player, based off their player ID. This will allow admins to watch trouble makers or people whom have been reported to admins, which in turn allows us to do our jobs properly
    • The ability to restart a round/rotation. During events its so much easier to restart a round/rotation instead of changing the map to the same map you're currently on to get the game started.
    • The ability to turn TKing on or off. So many people like tking at the end of rounds or before we start the round properly with a (make do) restart.
    • Some sort of private admin chat so logged in admins can communicate with each other. At the moment we're having to use either whispers in teamspeak or a steam group chat, which both are annoying as hell. Could make it a private chat mode starting with like "/admin x" in the chat box or something of the sort.
    • Add some sort of message when someone has been kicked or banned. Doesn't have to be public, just send a message into chat so other admins can see it because it makes it so much easier when one admin has kicked someone and another admin is looking into the TAB interface trying to find the right ID of the perpetrator.
    • Maybe the ability to list current admins logged in? Always handy to see how many admins are online in a large server. Could add admin tags onto a player if they're logged into admin? Not sure.
    • The ability to clear chat, as people like to troll in chat, it would be handy to be able to clear the chat box.

    With admin abilities being in a command line format you have so many powerful abilities you can add into the game. I just hope we see more use of the RC command line format, and soon as trying to admin servers is painful as hell even with multiple admins all doing their job at once.
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