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Event Feedback
« on: September 24, 2017, 03:35:31 am »
Hi guys,
The OC based MOV community has hosted 2 events for holdfast over the past few days and I thought I'd offer my feedback as the admin of said events.

First of all,  the elephant in the room, player cap.  We had about 150 or so people interested in coming to the events and due to the server cap had to limit the numbers allowed to attend.   I realise this will change with optimisation and as we had considerable lag once we approached 126/126 (pings shooting up to 200 plus) it's clear that this should be top priority.

The next major point that comes to mind is administration ability. Running the event was...difficult. Having to type all the commands manually as well having to reload the map at the end of each battle was painful. Dealing with trolls and team killers was also quite difficult as such offenders default to the bottom of the scoreboard where their number is hidden as the scoreboard cannot scroll down once there are over 80 people on the server.  As you cannot ban without that number we had quite a bit of disruption during events.
I would say that implementing some form of admin tools/panel should be of next priority behind server cap optimisation.

As for gameplay,  I was quite pleased with how the lines performed,  the sound and feel of the gunplay was very atmospheric. It would be of benefit to be able to limit or increase certain class numbers however as some classes we wanted less of and others more of.
The artillery was satisfying but more shot types (shells for mortars,  and canister mainly) are needed as well as the ability for shot to bounce.
Obviously melee still needs some work but it's functional enough for now, the above issues should take priority first.

The gamemodes we used during the events was mostly the one life army battle with naval assault, naval battle and army assault all tried as well. Besides everyone having to reload after each round in battle it worked well.
Army assault likewise worked well.
The two naval modes were much more limiting, first with the reduced player cap and second with the large amount of lag after the available slots filled up.  This likely falls under server optimisation and so should also receive highest priority for fixing.

Overall the events were an exiting new frontier for us warband: NW players which has many improvements still required before it becomes the new flagship of Napoleonic Era combat.  However, the promise is definitely there and we are keen to see how this game develops and grows in the future.

MOV will continue to host Holdfast events as best we are able on Saturdays and warband:NW Sundays in the hopes that the community and playerbase will continue to grow and play the games we all know and love set in this era.

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Re: Event Feedback
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2017, 09:51:46 am »
Agreed with hat and I hope this admin panel fixes soon!