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Author Topic: Suggestions for Line Battle/Event style maps!  (Read 728 times)

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Suggestions for Line Battle/Event style maps!
« on: September 30, 2017, 03:57:32 pm »
Just a thread for general suggestions on what we want to see design wise with some of the semi fictional maps for these sort of events.

I'd like to see the following more:

The default size for most of the vanilla maps is okay at the moment, but consider increasing it slightly for future maps to make room for cavalry and artillery focused action.

A good mixture of cover and concealment. Ruins, more copses of trees and bushes, hedges, walls both natural stone and human made are more than welcome! Skirmishers will need these areas for both cover and a way to sneak up and harass line/hide from the cavalry in the future. Please however avoid whacking a dense sort of wood in the middle of the map to avoid annoying artillery.

Terrain! we'd love some great spots around the centre or flanks of the middle certainly worth seizing and holding now. A nice selection of terrain at the edges of the spawn areas for both teams for the artillery for the future would also be appreciated.

Destruction! I am aware that like the Warband DLC we will eventually be able to use sappers to blow holes in the buildings and fortifications is on the road map but this would be great if certain walls for the interlinked city style buildings and walls so we can have some really interesting urban combat (older style buildings and walls perhaps?).  It will also be useful in maps where their is villages and strong points that will be fortified so artillery and sappers can cut that pesky camping short ;).

I would suggest perhaps studying some of the Total War franchise multiplayer maps too. Napoleon Total War itself has some interesting examples worth perhaps using for inspiration?