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Author Topic: 1st Celtic Brigade (1stCB) [AU/NZ/OC]  (Read 945 times)

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1st Celtic Brigade (1stCB) [AU/NZ/OC]
« on: October 01, 2017, 12:21:57 pm »
Description W.I.P

Who we are:
The 1stCB is a regiment planning to partake in Hold Fast: Nations at War events within the Oceanic community whilst still upholding our 5 year presence on the Warband: Napoleonic Wars scene. Primarily focused as a unit of line infantry, we are open to utilising any of the various auxiliary classes or specialist roles that may be provided by event hosts. Despite not being as stringent on training nor as roleplay-inclined as other regiments, we endeavour to strike a balance whereby players can experience casual fun whilst still playing competitively to ensure an enjoyable time for all present. Having been the second oldest Australian regiment in M&B:NW (formed in January 2012, shortly after the 102nd Regiment) we strive to continue the legacy of the group on HF:NaW, upholding the reputation of the regiment through our decorum and behaviour on the battlefield. Despite what may be perceived by others as lax expectations, the Regiment is still expected to display discipline and maturity when in a competitive event. Failing to adhere to the regimental standards may result in varying punishments, dependant on the severity of the infringement.
Members will be expected to participate in events when possible, but the needs of the regiment will never be greater than your real life commitments, and as such, there are no repercussions for not attending battles. Furthermore, it is our belief that you should maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude at the outset of the battle; if you are not feeling up for the event, or feel you will be contributing negatively by appearing, there will be no negative actions if you choose not to attend.

Our goals:

We endeavour to create a fun and enjoyable environment to cater to both our casual and dedicated players, with the notion of creating a sense of camaraderie amongst all our members.  The vision of the 1st Celtic has always been to be a cohesive unit of players who participate in a large number of different games, in which there is always activity or conversation happening outside of event times, and we hope to replicate this once more. We value the opinion of our members greatly, and whilst the main decision making is spearheaded by the tetrarchy of officers who contribute the most time to the group, the input and ideals of each member of the rank and file weighs heavily on our choices. With a welcoming player base and helpful cadre of officers, we look forward to anyone interested in joining us or answering any questions or concerns.

Story behind the 1st Celtic Brigade:

The 1stCB is a fictional creation, designed to be played as the French faction. The orientation of the regiment may be considered confusing as a number of different Celtic peoples reside within the British Isles and Spain, with only a minor population living on mainland France in what is known as Brittany. The concept of the 1stCB then, is designed from a mix-match of historic units that fled their homes in Britain and Ireland to fight for the French against English rule, be it Owain Lawgoch in the 14th century, Ireland’s  ‘Flight of the Wild Geese’, or the Garde Écossaise (Scots Guard) of the 15th century to name a few. 
With the advent of various foreign units within the armies of the French Empire during the Napoleonic Wars, and indeed, with such units such as the Legion Irlandaise somewhat providing some authenticity to our creation, we hoped to demonstrate what might have happened should Napoleon’s armies ever have crossed the English Channel. Due to the various rebellions against the rule of the United Kingdom throughout its span, we see the 1st to be a mixed group of nationalist Welshmen, Scots, Irishmen, Cornish and Manx rebels who are staunchly opposed to what they perceive as the tyrannical and oppressive rule of the British crown, and conversely view the French army as liberators. Bolstered by volunteers from Brittany and Galicia, as well as those descended from political refugees who had prior escaped capture, they hope to have the chance to return to their homeland as freemen, or if not, seek to gain respect in their new land of adoption. 

Getting in touch:
This thread serves as our primary source of communication with the official HF:NaW playerbase, and any queries can be sorted here. However, due to the schedule of the leadership, we may be unable to check the forums daily for new messages, and hence may not be the fastest way to elicit a response. As such, you can contact any of the officers listed below via steam:
Regiment Leader: Marshal Evans/Marechal Soult

Regimental 2-I-C:  Hakkadosh

Regimental Commissar: Sirgaming/Voodoo

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Re: 1st Celtic Brigade (1stCB) [AU/NZ/OC]
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Best reg. Subjectively, of course.

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Re: 1st Celtic Brigade (1stCB) [AU/NZ/OC]
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2017, 02:47:15 am »
Good luck! :D

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Re: 1st Celtic Brigade (1stCB) [AU/NZ/OC]
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Re: 1st Celtic Brigade (1stCB) [AU/NZ/OC]
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Great reg with a rich history. Good to see the older groups still going strong.