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Have your say on the game! Get involved.
« on: September 13, 2017, 12:37:58 am »

Holdfast: Nations At War. Steam Early Access - Alpha
Holdfast: Nations At War is still under active development (and will be for some time).

This Alpha state means that some of its features and content are more polished than others. Improvements are ongoing for the core mechanics of the game such as the melee and naval combat along with player count optimisations. On that base we also plan on the inclusion of new features such as cavalry, new factions and maps. We know what the community wants and we’re working on it!

Have your say. Get involved with development
We are completely dedicated to make Holdfast: NaW the next big “thing”. Thanks to your feedback, support and a lot of hard work; we're building our dream game from the ground up.

Due to the growth of the community, we are now in need of a method to easily gather opinions from a wider audience. We will start submitting polls in the following board so that our players can vote on the prioritisation of new features that make it into the game for instance. Your input, feedback and participation in these polls is highly appreciated - Thank you.

You have our word that Holdfast: Nations At War is and will always be community driven!

Answering your questions. Pre-release Q&A
Q&A Blog 3 - Pre-release Q&A. Your most pressing questions

Once again thank you for all of your support from all of us on the Holdfast: NaW team,

- Andrew, Julian, Andreas, Nico, Cameron, Peter & Tassilo

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