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Author Topic: [RIIR1] Regimiento de Infantería Inmemorial del Rey n.º 1  (Read 1129 times)

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[RIIR1] Regimiento de Infantería Inmemorial del Rey n.º 1
« on: February 23, 2019, 10:23:13 am »
Regimiento de Infantería Inmemorial del Rey n.º 1

“¡Santiago y cierra, España!”
Founded in 1248 by Ferdinand III of Castille during his conquest of Seville after some of his men-at-arms displayed such boldness and courage that the king decided they would not be disbanded after the campaign's conclusion: instead becoming one of the first standing military units since the Roman Empire. Throughout various army reforms the regiment would be reorganised and reordered but it would always display the courage that had caused its formation, especially during the war of the Spanish Succession.

Our recruitment post in its entirety is found here on the main forum. However, we're an Oceania centred regiment that is looking to grow our numbers and abilities to help the community become a more active and exciting one. If you are looking for a mature community that is focused on keeping things enjoyable within a semi-competitive framework then follow the joining details below! We are not as large as some but we are dedicated and can offer a server, regular events, and promotions for those with the aspiration and ability to help shape a regiment into something more.

Rank structure
Coronel (Colonel)
Teniente Coronel (Lieutenant Colonel)
Sargento Mayor (Sergeant Major)
Capitan (Captain)
Teniente (Lieutenant)
Alferez (Ensign)
Cabo Primero (Corporal)
Cabo Segundo (Lance Corporal)
Granaderos (Grenadier)
Fusileros (Fusilier)
Soldad (Soldier)
Cadete (Cadet)

Join the King's Own Immemorial 1st Infantry Regiment today!
1. Apply to join the Steam group.
2. Click this link to join our Discord.
3. Speak with an officer to complete recruitment in the Discord.